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Powerful Mt. Meakandake Come Into Sight -Onneto Observatory in Ashoro-

May 5th, 2017

Onneto Observatory (オンネトー展望台) is a viewing place that visitors climb a mountain for about 800 m from the north trailhead (北登山口) near a restroom of Lake Onneto Observation Deck (オンネトー展望デッキ). It takes 30 minutes on foot and has a steep grade and a rough path. There are a monitoring hut for volcanoes and a resting place on the observatory. A view of Mt. Meakan (雌阿寒岳) is splendid, but I regret that Lake Onneto looks small more than I expected. Admission free.

Onneto Observatory
Onneto Observatory in Ashoro
View from Onneto Observatory
Onneto Observatory in Ashoro
Restroom. It Is Near North Trailhead
Onneto Observatory in Ashoro
Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Free parking is provided (10 Cars)
Business hours Open 24 hours
Regular closing day Winter season
Telephone number +81-156-25-6131
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 783 760 803*04


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