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Sausage Omelette Curry Rice with Spicy and Creamy -Yuigadoxon in Furano-

July 17th, 2014

Omelette Curry Rice (オムカレー * Omu-curry) is a dish poured curry sauce over an omelette and is famous as a local dish in Furano, and more than 10 restaurants serve it. Yuigadoxon (唯我独尊) is one of those restraunts. I heard that the omelette curry rice of the Yuigadoxon was very popular, and I visited here. There is a building at a central part of Furano. I visited here around 15:00 on weekdays. Still many visitors lined up in front of an entrance. Of course a parking lot is approximately full, too. A building was a log house and reminded me of "From The North Country (北の国から)". It was like a secret base, darkness gave their restraunt personality. There were some tables, so family customers seem to enjoy. But lines will be expected at lunchtime.

Appearance of Building
Furano Curry Omelette Rice -Yuigadoxon-

I lined up for approximately 10 minutes and shared a table with other cutomers. I read a menu. I ordered the omelette curry rice with homemade sausage because the homemade sausage looked tasty. The price was JPY 1,450. Approximately 5 minutes later, the omelette curry rice with the homemade sausage was served.

Omelette Curry Rice with Sausages from Top
Furano Curry Omelette Rice -Yuigadoxon-

The curry sauce was stewed slowly and carefully with vegetables and 29 kinds of spices, and it was black and tasted a little spicy. But, it changed very creamy taste when I ate the omelette with the curry sauce together. In addition, the sausage had a nice texture, too. I should have ordered a large portion of rice because it was not enough to me. By the way, the customers can have another curry sauce freely. A waiter serves it if the customers shout "Ru Ru Ru" familiar words of From The North Country to the waiter.


Fluffy Omelette
Furano Curry Omelette Rice -Yuigadoxon-
Furano Curry Omelette Rice -Yuigadoxon-
Furano Curry Omelette Rice -Yuigadoxon-
Curry Sauce
Furano Curry Omelette Rice -Yuigadoxon-

Omelette Curry Rice and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Omelette Curry Rice

Parking lot Parking is provided (12 Cars)
Business hours 11:00-21:00
Regular closing day Monday
Telephone number +81-167-23-4784
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