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[Yuigadoxon in Furano] Spicy and Creamy Sausage Omelette Curry and Rice

July 17th, 2014


Yuigadoxon (唯我独尊) is a popular long-established curry restraunt in an urban area of Furano city located in the southern part of Asahikawa city, and means "Only we human beings can have a precious goal" in Buddhist terminology. Mr. Hitoshi Tanaka (田中均), a restraunt owner, founded the curry restraunt in 1973. The curry restraunt is well-known for serving Omelette Curry and Rice, a local speciality dish of the Furano, and 10 restaurants serve it in the Furano, and the Yuigadoxon is one of those restraunts. But their Omelette Curry and Rice is strictly different from Furano Omelette Curry and Rice, so I guess that it is their original Omelette Curry and Rice.

Appearance of Building
Furano Omelette Curry and Rice -Yuigadoxon-

The appearance of the building like a log house reminded me of "From The North Country (北の国から)", a famous Japanese TV Drama Series. The building is not so large, and is like a secret base. All seats are table seats, so I guess that family customers also enjoy meals. But I guess that a long line is expected at lunchtime.

Furano Biei

Speaking of the Furano, it as well as Biei is one of the best famous tourist resorts in Hokkaido. There are a few lavernder fields in the Furano, but a lot of tourists visit Kami-furano and Naka-furano. As for tourist attractions in the Furano, Forest of Rokugo, Ninguru Terrace, Asahigaoka Park, Furano Ski Resort, Windy Garden, Furano Wine Factory, Glass Forest in FURANO, Torinuma Park, Furano Jam Garden and Rokugo Lookuout are famous. Hot springs gush out in the Furano, and a day trip onsen can be enjoyed in Furano Onsen and Shima-no-Shita Onsen.

Ninguru Terrace

Ninguru Terrace (ニングルテラス) is a popular tourist attraction on the site of New Furano Prince Hotel (新富良野プリンスホテル) in Furano, and is a village for selling original works using natural materials as a motif. 15 log houses and wooden boardwalks are built in a forest. A lot of couples and families attracted by the Ninguru Terrace such as an atmosphere of a hidden village with the warmth of the wood visit here. Very visionary night light-up and a winter scenery have a good reputation. A wedding ceremony can be held here. Admission free. A parking lot is free of chraged. Article is here

Look of Ninguru Terrace
Ninguru Terrace in Furano

Shima-no-Shita Onsen

Shima-no-Shita Onsen is a hot-spring place in Furano city located in the southernern part of Asahikawa city. Only Highland Furano Hotel (ハイランドふらのホテル) is built on a hillside. Some onsen ryokan used to open a business in the old days, but they closed down at present. Except the Highland Furano Hotel, Unfortunately, restraunts, cafes, cafes, souvenir shops and convenience stores are not built. Forest of Lavender (ラベンダーの森) is built as a health resort around the Highland Furano Hotel, and some waking paths are built, and visitors can enjoy forest bathing and birdwatching. The lavenders are full in blossom from mid July to late July. Cherry blossoms can be enjoyed in a spring, and fall foliage can be enjoyed in an autumn. Article is here

Highland Furano Hotel
Highland Furano Hotel, Shima-no-Shita Onsen

Biei and Furano

Furano region (富良野) and Biei region (美瑛) are located in the center of Hokkaido, and are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hokkaido at present. 2 million tourists visit to savor lavenders, shooting places of "From the north country (北の国から)" that is famous Japanese television drama in the Furano and hills of the Biei. Blue Pond (青い池) and Shirahige Falls (白ひげの滝) in Shirogane (白金) has been became famous recently, and charms add to the Biei and the Furano as the popular tourist attractions more and more, and those region are receiving increased attention throughout the country and overseas country. It is one of characteristics that various colors can be enjoyed in the Furano and the Biei. Article is here


Farm Tomita
Furano Lavender Farm Tomita

Omelette Curry and Rice

I visited here to avoid a line on lunchtime around 15:00 on a weekday, but a line was still formed. Of course, a parking lot is about full, too. After I lined up for about 10 minutes, I finally shared a table with other cutomers. I read a menu, and found the Omelette Curry and Rice. The Omelette Curry and Rice is a dish poured curry sauce over an omelette on rice. I ordered the Omelette Curry and Rice topped with homemade sausage because the homemade sausage looked tasty. The price was JPY 1,450.

Omelette Curry and Rice with Sausages from Top
Furano Omelette Curry and Rice -Yuigadoxon-

Afer waiting for about 5 minutes, the Omelette Curry and Rice topped with the homemade sausage was served. The curry sauce stewed slowly and carefully with vegetables and 29 types of spices was black, and tasted a little spicy. But it turned into very creamy taste when I ate the omelette with the curry sauce together. It was tasty! In addition, the sausage had a nice texture, too. I should have ordered a large portion of the rice because it was not enough to me. By the way, customers can have another curry sauce freely. A waiter serves it if the customers shout "Ru Ru Ru" familiar words of the From The North Country to the waiter.

Fluffy Omelette
Furano Omelette Curry and Rice -Yuigadoxon-
Furano Omelette Curry and Rice -Yuigadoxon-
Furano Omelette Curry and Rice -Yuigadoxon-
Curry Sauce
Furano Omelette Curry and Rice -Yuigadoxon-

Omelette Curry and Rice and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Omelette Curry and Rice

Parking lot Parking is provided (12 Cars)
Business hours 11:00-21:00
Regular closing day Monday
Telephone number +81-167-23-4784
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 349 032 065*44

A page of Biei and Furano is here

Biei and Furano



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