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[Lake Obirashibe in Obira] Cool Red Bridge and Mt. Tengu

November 21st, 2016

Lake Obirashibe

Lake Obirashibe (おびらしべ湖) is a man-made lake in Obira town located in the northern part of Rumoi city. Obira Dam (小平ダム) was built in 1992, and the lake was born. The water surface is 2.7 km2. The Obira Dam is a concrete gravity dam of 42 m height, and is worth seeing. Dam Park (ダム) is built at the foot of the dam. Obirashibeko Parking Lot (おびらしべ湖駐車公園) is built along Hokkaido Road 126, and the lake can be viewed. Lake Obirashibe Getting Close to Lake and Forest Meeing (おびらしべ湖森と湖に親しむつどい) is held at the Dam Park only in a day, late July. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge.

Lake Obirashibe
 Lake Obirashibe in Obira
Dam Park
 Lake Obirashibe in Obira
Public Restroom beside Obirashibeko Parking Lot
 Lake Obirashibe in Obira

Speaking of tasty restaurants in the Obira, Sumire (すみれ・), Obira Nishin Banya (おびら鰊番屋) and Soba and Cafe Karakure (そば&カフェ からくれ) are popular in particular. I ate a dish at the Sumire, and it was tasty. As for onsen, a day trip onsen can be enjoyed at Tappurikan (たっぷりかん). In addition, a day trip bathing using artificial hot springs, Komyouseki (光明石), can be enjoyed at Yuttarikan (ゆったりかん), too.

Shokujidokoro Sumire

Shokujidokoro Sumire (食事処すみれ) is a long-established restraunt in Obira town located in the northern part of Rumoi city and was founded in 1954. Seafood such as a sea urchin or a scallop are famous, and it is known for serving a large heliping of ramen, curry and rice, pork cutlet rice bowl. It is the restaurant that not only a tourist but also local people use. I visited here around 13:00 on weekdays, the restraunt was almost full. It had high popularity just as rumored. I was able to enter here without waiting because it was a time when other visitors just returned. Article is here


Today's Seafood Rice Bowl
Today's Seafood Rice Bowl -Sumire in Obira-

Look of Lake Obirashibe

I dropped in at the Obirashibeko Parking Lot, and viewed the lake there. Takimi Bridge (滝見橋) across the lake is outstanding, and is the longest bridge across the lake in Hokkaido. I think that the red bridge is cool, and a conbination of it and Mt. Tengu (天狗山) is good. By the way, the Obira is famous as a place to excavate a fossil of Hadrosauridae, and a monumental statue of the Hadrosauridae is built.

Takimi Bridge and Mt. Tengu
Lake Obirashibe in Obira
Monument of Lambeosaurine
 Lake Obirashibe in Obira
Information Map of Lake Obirashibe
 Lake Obirashibe in Obira
Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Free parking is provided (25 Cars)
Business hours Open 24 hours
Regular closing day Winter season
Telephone number +81-164-56-2111
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 818 260 309*16

List of Accommodations

Refer to following websites for the accommodations near the Lake Obirashibe.

Katagiri Minshuku(片桐民宿) Only Tel:+81-164-56-2042



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