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[Curry Shop Indian in Obihiro] Curry and Rice Has Taste of Hometown

February 23rd, 2016

Curry Shop Indian

Curry Shop Indian (カレーショップインデアン) is a curry chain store run in the center of Obihiro city, and has branch stores in Makubetsu town, Otofuke town, Memuro town and Kushiro city. Long-established restaurant "Fujimori (ふじもり)" in the Obihiro has opened a business since 1968. All of Obihiro citizens know the curry chain store, and it is famous for selling and serving curry sauce into the pot if customers come to bring their pots. The same name of curry shops are in Osaka city and Kanazawa city, but they are not related to each others. Their logos are relatively similar, too, and there are various theories for reasons. I am interested in the reasons.

Counter Seats
Curry and Rice -Curry Shop Indian in Obihiro-

I visited Machinaka Branch Store (まちなか店) near Obihiro Station around 16:00 on a weekday. About 6 groups of customers enjoyed their meals in the building even at such halfway hour. After entering the building, some customers came to the curry shop, and I guess that Obihiro people really favorite the curry and rice of the Curry Shop Indian. The shop is large, and counter seats and table seats are provided, so I guess that family customers also enjoy meals. By the way, I thought the Machinaka Branch Store was the first store, but a store manager replied me "The first store has already closed, and this sop is a newly branch store".

Curry and Rice -Curry Shop Indian in Obihiro-

Movie of Indian Curry and Rice Song

List of Highway Bus

Refer to following companies for the highway bus service between Obihiro and Sapporo or Asahikawa.

Chuo Bus(中央バス) From Sapporo to Obihiro
Chuo Bus(中央バス) From Obihiro to Sapporo
Takushoku Bus(拓殖バス) From Asahikawa to Obihiro
Takushoku Bus(拓殖バス) From Obihiro to Asahikawa


Obihiro (帯広) that about 170,000 people live is the 6th largest commercial city in Hokkaido, and is one of regional hub cities of the Eastern Hokkaido area. It has flourished as the center of the Tokachi district. The Obihiro is also a stockyard for agricultural products in whole Tokachi district, and Potato, Beet, Wheat and Chinese Yam are famous as a local product. As for a climate, it is hot that temperature rises to nearly 30 degrees in a summer, and it is cold that temperature falls to nearly -20 degrees in a winter. It has a large temperature gap, but it has less snow relatively in the Hokkaido. Therefore skating is popular in the winter. Mr. Hiroyasu Shimizu, an olympic gold medalist, come from the Obihiro, and there is much competition population of the skating. Article is here


Open Spacea in front of Obihiro Station

Indian Curry and Rice

I sat a table seat, and asked a shop staff about shop's recommendation. They serve 3 types of curry sauces, Basic Curry Sauce (ベーシックルー), Indian Curry Sauce (インデアンルー) and Vegetable Curry Sauce (野菜ルー), and have 5 types of toppings, Breaded Pork Cutlet (カツ), Hamburg Steak (ハンバーグ), Shrimp (エビ), Chicken (チキン) and Cheeze (チーズ). Custmers can choose one among 5 hot levels, too. He replied me "Basic Indian Curry Sauce topped with a slice of Cheese is popular". I ordered it with medium-spicy. The price was JPY 507, and it was very reasonable. This curry and rice is said to be the taste of the Obihoro, so I guess that it is the reasonable price. Afer waiting for about 5 minutes, the curry and rice was served. A stainless steel dish for curry and rice was nostalgic. He provided 3 types of pickles, sliced red pickled ginger, sliced vegetables pickled in a soy sauce and sliced vegetables pickled in salt with green perilla, on the table, and the customers can put those on the curry and rice as liking.

Curry and Rice with Slice of Cheese
Curry and Rice -Curry Shop Indian in Obihiro-
Curry and Rice with Slice of Cheese from Top
Curry and Rice -Curry Shop Indian in Obihiro-
Sliced Red Pickled Ginger and Sliced Vegetables Pickled in Soy Sauce
Curry and Rice -Curry Shop Indian in Obihiro-

The curry sauce made from beef and 30 types of spices are stewed for about 10 hours, and it tasted mild, so I think that a lot of people widely accept the curry and rice. I felt that it was a nostalgic taste. The Curry Shop Indian says that their curry and rice is the 2nd most delicious dishes in the Obihiro because the most delicious dish is a dish made by wives or mothers. I suppose that the nostalgic taste may be related to mother's taste. This curry and rice can be eaten fast, too, so wokers can drop by freely. Speaking of fast-food, it remainds me of hamburger chains or gyudon chains. But it may remaind Obihiro people of the Curry Shop Indian.

High Viscosity Curry Sauce
Curry and Rice -Curry Shop Indian in Obihiro-
Nostalgic Taste
Curry and Rice -Curry Shop Indian in Obihiro-
Curry Sauce Is Mixed with Rice
Curry and Rice -Curry Shop Indian in Obihiro-
Thank You for Meal!
Curry and Rice -Curry Shop Indian in Obihiro-
Parking lot Parking is provided (3 Cars)
Business hours 11:00-21:00
Regular closing day New year holiday
Telephone number +81-155-20-1818
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 124 624 231*52

A page of Obihiro is here




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