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[Ninguru Terrace in Furano] In Summer and Winter, Visionary Village of Dwarf in Forest

September 23rd, 2017

Ninguru Terrace

Ninguru Terrace (ニングルテラス) is a popular tourist attraction on the site of New Furano Prince Hotel (新富良野プリンスホテル) in Furano, and is a village for selling original works using natural materials as a motif. 15 log houses and wooden boardwalks are built in a forest. A lot of couples and families attracted by the Ninguru Terrace such as an atmosphere of a hidden village with the warmth of the wood visit here. Very visionary night light-up and a winter scenery have a good reputation. A wedding ceremony can be held here. Admission free. A parking lot is free of chraged.

Look of Ninguru Terrace
Ninguru Terrace in Furano

Garden of Wind (風のガーデン), So's bar, Forest Clock Cafe (珈琲 森の時計) and le gaulois Furano are built on the site of the New Furano Prince Hotel, too. Furano Ski Resort and Asahigaoka Park (朝日ヶ丘公園) are relatively near here. Speaking of the tasty restraunts in the Furano, Furano French (フラノフレンチ), Furano Hotel (フラノ寶亭留), Kumagera (くまげら), Furano Delice (フラノデリス) and Yuigadoxon (唯我独尊) are popular in particular. I ate buckwheat foods at the Yuigadoxon and Sabor, and those were tasty. By the way, a bus stop that Furano Bus "Express Lavender-go (ラベンダー号)" runs between Asahikawa and Furano is near here.

Omelette Curry Rice of Yuigadoxon

Omelette Curry Rice (オムカレー * Omu-curry) is a dish poured curry sauce over an omelette and is famous as a local dish in Furano, and more than 10 restaurants serve it. Yuigadoxon (唯我独尊) is one of those restraunts. I heard that the omelette curry rice of the Yuigadoxon was very popular, and I visited here. There is a building at a central part of Furano. I visited here around 15:00 on weekdays. Still many visitors lined up in front of an entrance. Of course a parking lot is approximately full, too. A building was a log house and reminded me of "From The North Country (北の国から)". It was like a secret base, darkness gave their restraunt personality. There were some tables, so family customers seem to enjoy. But lines will be expected at lunchtime. Article is here

Omelette Curry Rice with Sausages from Top
Furano Curry Omelette Rice -Yuigadoxon-


Sweets Cafe Sabor (スイーツカフェ サボール) is a lounge at the FURANOMARCHE (富良野マルシェ). The Cazeres that handmade breads and sweets are served and the Furano Cafe opens a business at the Sweets Cafe Sabor. The FURANOMARCHE is a popular commercial facility in Furano city and is divided into 4 areas, Sabor, Argent that souvenirs of Furano can be bought, Furadish that dishes and sweets to go can be bought and Hogar that is farmer's market. I visited the FURANOMARCHE to eat foods produced in Furano. Article is here

100% Flour Produced in Furano !
Breads and Sweets -Sabor in Furano-

Craft Shops in Forest

It is said that 2 Ninguru families live in this forest. The ninguru means shrunk human, and is a dwarf with around 15 cm in height that appears in the book "Ninguru" written by Mr. So Kuramoto (倉本聰) that has become a synonym for Furano. They are set wise people of a forest living in the hidden place of Hokkaido. Speaking of the dwarf, the dwarf with a height of less than 1 m called "Colobockle (コロポックル * mythical Ainu dwarf god)" is famous in Hokkaido, and I guess that the Ninguru similar to the Colobockle.

Entrance of Ninguru Terrace
Ninguru Terrace in Furano

Visitors can enjoy forest bathing or the tweet of birds while looking around. In a summer, you had better use a mosquito repellent. The site is not large, so it takes less than 30 minutes to look around. Watch your step because of very uneven wooden boardwalks. Here was a shooting place for famous television drama series "From the North Country", and Mori-no-Rosokuya (森のろうそく屋) that Ms. Yukiko worked at, Chu-Chu-no-Ie (チュチュの家) and Mori-no-Kajiya (森の鍛冶屋) seem to be popular.


All Wooden Boardwalk
Ninguru Terrace in Furano
Log Houses Are Built along Wooden Boardwalk
Ninguru Terrace in Furano
Log House Is Shop
Ninguru Terrace in Furano
Man Collects Fallen Leaves on Wooden Boardwalk
Ninguru Terrace in Furano
Heart Made of Fallen Leaves
Ninguru Terrace in Furano
Look of Ninguru Terrace
Ninguru Terrace in Furano
In Forest
Ninguru Terrace in Furano
Look of Ninguru Terrace
Ninguru Terrace in Furano

Atmosphere of Ninguru Terrace Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Ninguru Terrace

Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Free parking is provided (300 Cars)
Business hours 12:00-20:45
Regular closing day Irregular closing day and November
Telephone number +81-167-22-1111
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 919 553 452*47

List of Accommodations

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Furano Prince Hotel(富良野プリンスホテル)
New Furano Prince Hotel(新富良野プリンスホテル)

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