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[Brake in Tomakomai] Tasty Okra and Natto Spaghetti

April 17th, 2015


Petit Restaurant Brake (プチレストラン葡麗紅) is a long-established restaurant founded in 1975 in Shinnakano-cho, Tomakomai city. Mr. Minoru Tagushi (田口 稔) is a restaurant owner at present. The restaurant is well-known for serving Kaicho Steak (会長ステーキ), Omelette with Rice and Hamburger Steak and Okra and Natto Spaghetti (オクラ納豆スパゲッティ), and has been loved by local people. Indeed, a neighboring old man and housewives enjoyed their meals or drinks when I visited.

Appearance of Building
Tomakomai, Okra and Natto Spaghetti -Brake-

The restraunt has an atomosphere such as a good old cafe. Stained glasses, goods and accessories are displayed. The restraunt has counter seats and table seats, so I guess that even family customers enjoy their meals.

Look of Restaurant
Tomakomai, Okra and Natto Spaghetti -Brake-


Tomakomai (苫小牧) that 170,000 people live along Pacific Ocean is the fourth largest industrial city in Hokkaido, and is located in the central part of the Hokkaido. There are Oji Paper factory (王子製紙), petrochemical complexes and Tomato-Atsuma Thermal Power Plant, the largest thermal power plant in the Hokkaido. As for a climate, it is warmer than other places in Hokkaido in a summer or in a winter, and it features that the Tomakomai has less snow than other placess in the Hokkaido. Therefore skating as one of famous winter sports is prosperous, so ASIA LEAGUE ICE HOCKEY Team "Oji Eagles" is based in the Tomakomai. Because the Tomakomai is close to New Chitose Airport, and Tomakomai Ferry terminal is built, so the Tomakomai has traffic convenience. Article is here

Tarumae Garo Gorge
Tomakomai, Tarumae Garo Gorge

Okra and Natto Spaghetti

I visited here to eat the Okra and Natto Spaghetti around 16:30 on a weekday. I sat at a table seat, and ordered it. The price was JPY 1030. A former restaurant owner said "The Okra and Natto Spaghetti has been popular since its foundation. The Kaicho Steak is also recommended". I will order the Kaicho Steak next tme!


Okra and Natto Spaghetti from Top
Tomakomai, Okra and Natto Spaghetti -Brake-

About 10 minutes later, the Okra and Natto Spaghetti on a hot pan with a dish of salad and a cup of soup was served. I felt uneasy whether sticky ingredients went well with spaghetti, but it went well with mild scrambled egg, and it was very tasty! Those were burnt on a burning hot iron plate, and stickiness turned into a savory smell. I was going to get hooked on this mild taste. That was unexpected. Thanks for the good meal!

It Looks Tasty!
Tomakomai, Okra and Natto Spaghetti -Brake-
Spaghetti Noodles
Tomakomai, Okra and Natto Spaghetti -Brake-
Tomakomai, Okra and Natto Spaghetti -Brake-
Tomakomai, Okra and Natto Spaghetti -Brake-
Tomakomai, Okra and Natto Spaghetti -Brake-

Okra and Natto Spaghetti and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Okra and Natto Spaghetti

Parking lot Free parking is provided (20 cars)
Business hours 10:00-21:00 * National holiday 12:00-17:00
Regular closing day Sunday
Telephone number +81-144-36-2019
Home page Home page is not provided
Mapcode 113 193 716*53

A page of Tomakomai is here




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