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Onsen Facility with History -Nakagoya Onsen in Tobetsu-

August 15th, 2015

Nakagoya Onsen Kiku-no-En

Nakagoya Onsen Kiku-no-En (中小屋温泉 きくの園) is a long-established hot spring ryokan in Tobetsu town located in the northeastern part of Sapporo city and was fouded in 1905. There is a Japanese-style garden in a site, and flowers can be enjoyed. I visited here around 12:00 on weekdays. A lot of visitors came and I knew that this onsen was popular.

Japanese-Style Garden
Nakagoya Onsen in Tobetsu
Purple Flowers
Nakagoya Onsen in Tobetsu
Nakagoya Onsen in Tobetsu
Free Resting Place
Nakagoya Onsen in Tobetsu

There are 1 outdoor bath, 1 indoor bath, 1 whirlpool bath, 1 cold bath and 1 sauna at a bathhouse. The indoor bath that about 10 people take a bath has rocks, the whirlpool bath is the size that about 3 people take a bath. By the way, bathers can not take a bath at the outdoor bath in seasons except a summer. Hot springs are heated sulfur and sodium chloride and calcium carbonated cold spring, and and are clear and colorless and have neither taste nor smell. Shampoos and body soaps are not provided at the bathhouse. The bathers must bring those themselves. A restroom is installed at a dressing room. A staying is possible, too.

Entrance of Bathhouse
Nakagoya Onsen in Tobetsu
Dressing Room
Nakagoya Onsen in Tobetsu
Types of Hot Springs Sulfur and sodium chloride and calcium carbonated cold spring (Type: Weak alkaline, Osmotic Pressure: Low, Spring Temperature Type: Cold spring)
Water temperature of Hot Spring Source 10.5 C
ph 8.4
Indications Neuritis, Obsolete treponema pallidum, Chronic metal addiction, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Chronic skin diseases, Chronic woman's diseases, Chronic motor paralysis, Muscle hysteresis, Nervous breakdown, Cut, Burn
Contraindications High blood pressure, Malignant tumor, Sarcoma, Heart disease, Dysfunction, High arteriosclerosis.
Indications of drinking Not Drinking
Facility Outdoor bath(1), Indoor bath(3), Sauna(1). * Sex-Segregated Bathhouse.
Entrance fee to the bath facility Adult: JPY 540.
Business hours 10:00-21:00
Regular closing day Irregular closing day
Parking lot A free parking is provided (50 cars)
Telephone number +81-1332-7-2011
Home page Home page is not provided
Mapcode 575 100 579*72

List of Accommodations

Refer to following websites for the accommodations in Nakagoya Onsen.

Nakagoya Onsen Kiku-no-En(中小屋温泉きくの園) Only Tel:+81-133-27-2011