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Scenery That Is Not Like Earth Spreads over -Mt. Iou in Teshikaga-

August 26th, 2014

Mt. Iou (硫黄山) is an active volcano with 512 m in height in Teshikaga town located between Kawayu and Lake Kussharo (屈斜路湖). It is called "Iouzan", but its true name is Mt. Atosanupuri (アトサヌプリ). Because it was used to be a sulfur mine, it has been called Mt. Iou. * The sulfur means iou in Japanese language. There are more than 1500 large and small craters and those still have been vomitting forth steam. A mysterious scene that greenish brown and yellow ground changed color by sulfur and native brown ground are looked over in front of our eyes, and it smells the sulfur like bad eggs in the air.

Mt. Iou from Roadside
Mt. Iou in Teshikaga
Mt. Iou
Mt. Iou in Teshikaga
Foot of Mt. Iou
Mt. Iou in Teshikaga

From here to Kawayu Onsen, there is Tsutsujigahara Natural Trail with 2.8 km in total length, and tourists can observe Azaleas or Creeping Pines along the path. The azaleas are the best viewed from June to July. There is a rest station in the site, and there are a souvenir shop and a restroom at a building. Specialty onsen eggs are famous, too. Admission free. A parking lot has a toll in a summer. But the rest station is cloesd down and the parking lot is free of charge in a winter.

Iouzan Rest Station
Mt. Iou in Teshikaga
Tsutsujigahara Natural Trail
Mt. Iou in Teshikaga
Dead Creeping Pines. Caused by Sulfur?
Mt. Iou in Teshikaga

Atmosphere of Mt. Iou Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Mt. Iou

Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Pay parking lot is provided (100 Cars), Capacity for midsize vehicles: JPY 410. * Tourists can park at the parking lot of Mashu 1st Observatory if pay a fee.
Business hours 08:30-17:00
Regular closing day Winter season
Telephone number +81-15-483-2670
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 731 713 826*32


Refer to following websites for the accommodations around Mt. Iou.

Yunokaku Ikedaya(湯の閣 池田屋)
Kawayu Daiichi Hotel SUIKAZURA(川湯第一ホテル 忍冬)
Meitonomori Hotel Kitafukuro(名湯の森ホテルきたふくろう)
Kinkiyu Hotel(お宿 欣喜湯)
Kokuminshukusha Hotel Kawayu Park(国民宿舎 ホテル川湯パーク)
Hotel Parkway(ホテルパークウェイ)
Kawayu Kanko Hotel(川湯観光ホテル)
KKR Kawayu(KKR川湯)
Tabibito-no-Yado Asanebo(旅人の宿 あさ寝坊)
Kussharoko Hotel(屈斜路湖ホテル)

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