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Many People Line Up to Eat Tasty Mongolian Barbecue -Daruma Head Office in Sapporo-

June 10th, 2015

Daruma Head Office (だるま本店) is a popular mongolian barbecue restraunt in Susukino, Chuo ward, Sapporo city and was founded in 1954. The mongolian barbecue restaurant begin at 17:00. 15 people lined up before opening hour. I did not think that Daruma was crowded like this although it was weekdays. The restraunt was small and there were only counter seats. The interior decoration had an atmosphere such as the Showa period.

Appearance of Building
Mongolian Barbecue -Daruma in Sapporo-
Foreign Tourists Look Enjoying, Too
Mongolian Barbecue -Daruma in Sapporo-

When I sat at the counter seat, one dish of mutton and vegetables (onion and green onion are served free of charge) were served without ordering automatically. Because a waitress asked me what you would drink, I ordered a draft beer. The price is JPY 500. By the way, the mutton is JPY 798 a plate. I put muttons on a pan for Jingisukan barbecue and those were grilled for approximately 5 minutes.

Muttons and Vegetables Are Grilled on Pan for Jingisukan
Mongolian Barbecue -Daruma in Sapporo-

The customers can add a garlic paste and a mixture of ground pepper to specially made sauce as they like, it was very tasty when the mutton was eaten with the sauce. It was in particular tasty after my first bite. There was the visitor next to me could not help making a sound "Yummy!". The mutton was very tender, and medium-rare mutton was just tasty. As for the onion, sweetness was good.


Whichever Is Preferred, I Put Garlic Paste and Mixture of Ground Pepper into Sauce
Mongolian Barbecue -Daruma in Sapporo-
Browned Surface Mutton Looks Tasty
Mongolian Barbecue -Daruma in Sapporo-
Vegetables Are Tasty, Too
Mongolian Barbecue -Daruma in Sapporo-
Restraunt Is Small
Mongolian Barbecue -Daruma in Sapporo-

Anyway I ate 3 dishes of the mutton. Person who was very knowledgeable about daruma seemed to mix the left sauce with a roasted green tea and to drink it, and I followed him and drank it. Sourness was tasty. The payment was JPY 3,299. When I left the restraunt around 17:30, 6 people lined up at an entrance. Daruma was very popular after all.

Fatty Mutton Is Put on Top of Pan for Jingisukan
Mongolian Barbecue -Daruma in Sapporo-
Sauce Is Tasty
Mongolian Barbecue -Daruma in Sapporo-
Fat of Mutton Oozes out to Sauce
Mongolian Barbecue -Daruma in Sapporo-
Finally Roasted Green Tea Is Poured into Sauce and Drink
Mongolian Barbecue -Daruma in Sapporo-

Mongolian Barbecue and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Mongolian Barbecue

Parking lot Parking is not provided
Business hours 17:00-03:00
Regular closing day Year-end and New Year holidays
Telephone number +81-11-552-6013
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Mapcode 9 492 172*65

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