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[Marchen Hill in Ozora] Fields and Japanese Larch Trees Create Fairy Tale World

August 6th, 2017

Marchen Hill

Marchen Hill (メルヘンの丘) is a tourist attraction along Nationa Route 39 in Memanbetsu, Ozora, and is relatively near Road Station "Marchen Hill Memanbetsu". 7-8 Japanese larch trees are planted on a ridge of a gentle hill with about 35 m elevation, and it has became popular beauty spot because the scenery was used for famous Japanese movie "Dreams (夢)" filmed by Mr. Akira Kurosawa (黒澤明). I do not know the origin of the name, but I suppose the hill was named as the Marchen Hill because the view looks as if the view appeared in a fairy tale. Potate and wheat are planted at the hillside, and its view goes well with the Japanese larch trees, and the scenery with the blue sky or the red sky in the early evening as the background is popular. The Marchen Hill in a winter also has a good atmosphere. Rest places and a parking space are built at the site. Admission free. The parking space is free of charge.

Marchen Hill in Early Evening
Marchen Hill in Ozora
Parking Space
Marchen Hill in Ozora

Movie of Marchen Hill

Movie of Dreams

Except the Marchen Hill, the Memanbetsu has some tourist attractions, and Memanbetsu Onsen (女満別温泉), Sunflower Fields (ひまわり畑) and Memanbetsu Hygrophyte Colony (女満別女満別湿生植物群落) are relatively near here. A direct bus does not run between Sapporo or New Chitose Airport and the Memanbatsu, but an express bus "Dreamint Okhotsk-go (ドリーミントオホーツク号)" runs between the Sapporo and the Memanbatsu.

List of Highway Bus

Refer to following a company for the highway bus service between the Abashiri and the Sapporo.

(Chuo Bus)中央バス From Sapporo to Abashiri
(Chuo Bus)中央バス From Abashiri to Sapporo

Memanbetsu Onsen

Memanbetsu Onsen (女満別温泉) is a hot spring place in Memanbetsu, Ozora town located in the southern part of Abashiri city. Some hot spring facilities are dotted between the shore of Lake Abashiri (網走湖) and the center of the Memanbetsu. Those are relatively near the center of the Memanbetsu, so restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, Izakaya and bars with a surcharge are built, too. The Memanbetsu is well-known as a airport, and other famous tourist attractions are Marchen Hill (メルヘンの丘), Memanbetsu Sunflower Fields and Memanbetsu Hygrophyte Colony (女満別女満別湿生植物群落). Speaking of tasty restaurants in the Memanbetsu, Chines-style restraunt "Yoshi" (中華レストラン 吉) is popular in particular. Article is here

Hotel Konan-so
Memanbetsu Onsen Hotel Konan-so

Memanbetsu Sunflower Fields

Sunflowers are planted at 3 sunflower fields, Asahigaoka Park (朝日ヶ丘公園), Tomappugawa Park (トマップ川公園) and a neighborhood of Memanbetsu airport, in Memanbetsu, Ozora town located in the southern part of Abashiri city. To enjoy sunflowers 2 times is a feature of the Memanbetsu Sunflower Fields. The sunflowers are planted in a summer and an autumn, and a best time to see the sunflowers in the summer is from early August to late September, and a best time to see the sunflowers in the autumn is from mid October to late October. Article is here

Sunflower Field
Memanbetsu Sunflower Fields in Ozora

Memanbetsu Hygrophyte Colony

Memanbetsu Hygrophyte Colony (女満別湿生植物群落) is a skunk cabbage colony at the right bank of Lake Abashiri (網走湖) located in the northern part of Memanbetsu, Ozora town, and is close to Memanbetsu Onsen (女満別温泉). Broad leaf forest such as Japanese Ash and Alnus Japonica var Grow at the damp ground of 56 ha, and has been designated as the natural monument since 1972. The skunk cabbages used to be in full bloom from mid May to late May, but those were flowered when I visited here in late April, 2015. I suppose that the best time to see the skunk cabbages is from late April to early May under the effects of global warming. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. Article is here


Skunk Cabbage
Memanbetsu Hygrophyte Colony, skunk cabbage

Look of Marchen Hill

The fields are not allowed to enter because those are private lands. But a place to view the hill is built between the National Route and the fields. The parking space and benches are built, too. When I visited here on a cloudy day, the hill had leaden and thick. But the view like the fairy tale can be enjoyed if the weather is good.

Marchen Hill
Marchen Hill in Ozora
7 Japanese Larch Trees
Marchen Hill in Ozora
Potato Field
Marchen Hill in Ozora
Rest Space
Marchen Hill in Ozora
Wheat and Japanese Larch Trees
Marchen Hill in Ozora

Atmosphere of Marchen Hill Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Marchen Hill

Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Free parking is provided (10 Cars)
Business hours Open 24 hours
Regular closing day Open all year round
Telephone number +81-152-75-6160
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 305 308 551*15

List of Accommodations

Refer to following websites for the accommodations in the Memanbetsu. You can get information regarding online reviews and photos.

Hotel Konanso(ホテル湖南荘)
Yumoto Hotel Sansui(湯元ホテル山水)
Northern Lodge Kanto(ノーザンロッジカント)



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