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Rare Shape Dam and Lake Branched into Two -Rumoi Dam and Lake Chibaberi-

July 11th, 2014

Lake Chibaberi (チバベリ湖) is a man-made lake in Rumoi city located in the northwestern part of Asahikawa city. A shape of the lake is branched into two, it is the rare shape. Rumoi Dam (留萌ダム) with 41.2 m in height was built in 2009 and the Lake Chibaberi was borned. Appearance of the Rumoi Dam is unusually, too. The Rumoi Dam is a central core model rock-fill dam made of soil and rocks without an artifact of the concrete. Because it is a new dam, it may be to be the form of the dam considered environment and a scenery.

Distant View of Rumoi Dam
Lake Chibaberi and Rumoi Dam
Central Core Model Rock-fill Dam
Lake Chibaberi and Rumoi Dam
Lake Chibaberi
Lake Chibaberi and Rumoi Dam
Lake Chibaberi
Lake Chibaberi and Rumoi Dam

At the Lake Chibaberi and the Rumoi Dam, tourists can enjoy watching wild birds and observing insects and fishing. In addition, the lake is available freely other than a no-go area, the tourists can enjoy boats and canoes. A dam card is distributed at Rumoi Dam Management Branch (留萌ダム管理支所).

Atmosphere of Rumoi Dam and Lake Chibaberi Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Rumoi Dam and Lake Chibaberi

Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Free parking lot is provided (20 Cars)
Business hours 09:00-17:00
Regular closing day From November to early May
Telephone number +81-164-46-8111
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 763 887 885*52

List of Accommodations

Refer to following websites for the accommodations in Rumoi.

Hotel Kamuiwa(ホテル神居岩)
Hotel North. i(ホテル ノースアイ)
Hotel New White House(ホテル ニューホワイトハウス)
Business Hotel R-inn(ビジネスホテル R-inn)
Ryoshi-no-Yado Tomimaru(漁師の宿富丸)

A page of Rumoi is here




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