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[Kyogoku Onsen in Niseko] Day Trip Bath Can Be Enjoyed at Kyogoku Fureai Koryu Center

Kyogoku Onsen

Kyogoku Onsen (京極温泉) is a hot spring place in Kyogoku town located in the southwestern direction of Sapporo city. Kyogoku Fureai Koryu Center (京極ふれあい交流センター) is built along Hokkaido Road 478, and it takes about 5 minutes from the center of the Kyogoku by car. There are Kyogoku Fukidashi Park (京極噴出し公園), a camping ground, a park golf course, a tennis court and a gateball course around the Kyogoku Fureai Koryu Center. In addition, restaurants, a cafe and a convenience store are relatively near. Speaking of tasty restaurants in the Kyogoku, Meisui Udon Nonosan (名水うどん野々傘), Isshinan (一心庵) and Cafe Cafe-mocha (自家焙煎珈琲かふぇもか店) are popular in particular. I ate Udon noodle at the Meisui Udon Nonosan. It was so tasty.

Park Golf
Kyogoku Onsen in Niseko

Kyogoku Fukidashi Park

Fukidashi Park (ふきだし公園) is a park in Kyogoku town, Niseko located in the southwestern direction of Sapporo city, and is well-known for tasty spring water chosen as one of Selected 100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved Waters in Japan (日本名水百選), and around 800,000 visitors come from Japan and oversea. * The Fukidashi means "Gushing out" in Japanese. It is adjacent to road station "Meisui-no-Sato Kyogoku (名水の郷きょうごく)". Meisui Plaza (名水プラザ), Fukidashi Garden (ふきだしガーデン), shops, Cafe Cafe-mocha (自家焙煎珈琲かふぇもか店), gazebos, BBQ House, 33 statues of Goddess of Mercy (三十三番観音像), public restrooms and parking lots on the site. Meisui Coffee (名水コーヒー) and Meisui Coffee Jelly (名水コーヒーゼリー) are popular. In addition, Kyogoku Onsen (京極温泉), Isshinan (一心庵), a convenience store, Three-you-park Park Golf Course (スリー・ユー・パークパークゴルフ場) and a camping ground are built near the Fukidashi park, too. The visitors may forget daily life and relax. Admission free. The parking lots are free of charge. Read More

Drinking Fountain. Plastic Cups Are Equiped, too
Niseko-Kyogoku Fukidashi Park

Meisui Udon Nonosan

Meisui Udon Nonosan (名水うどん野々傘) is an Udon restaurant in Kyogoku town, Niseko. The restaurant's name is associated with the onwer's name, Nonoda. He quitted a company and trained cooking at several Udon restaurants, and he opened the Udon restaurant here in 2006. Read More

Deep Fried Chikuwa and Soft Boiled Egg
Udon with Deep Fried Chikuwa and Soft Boiled Egg -Nonosan in Kyogoku-

Various things can be enjoyed all the year round in Niseko. For example, Cherry blossoms can be enjoyed in a spring, trecking, ski gondra, rafting and hot air ballooning can be enjoyed in a summer, fall foliage can be enjoyed in an autumn, and snowshoes can be enjoyed in the winter. By the way, a nonstop bus does not run from Sapporo or New Chitose Airport.

Tennis Court
Kyogoku Onsen in Niseko


Niseko (ニセコ) is the general term for towns and villages around Mt. Yotei (羊蹄山) in the southwestern direction of Sapporo city, and contains Niseko town (ニセコ町), Kutchan town (倶知安町), Kyogoku town (京極町), Makkari village (真狩村), Kimobetsu town (喜茂別町), Kyowa town (共和町), Rankoshi town (蘭越町) and Iwanai town (岩内町). The Niseko means "A river in a gorge" in Ainu language, and the origin of the word is Niseko Anbetsu River (ニセコアンベツ川). In a winter, skiing and snowboarding can be enjoyed, and rafting along Shiribetsu River (尻別川) can be enjoyed in a summer. It is one of the features that the Niseko has various nature such as the Mt. Yotei, Shinsen-numa Swamp (神仙沼) and Oyunuma Pond (大湯沼). In addition, tasty water from the Mt. Yotei and tasty ingredients are abundant. In a spring, cherry blossoms can be enjoyed, summer activities and nature can be enjoyed in a summer, fall foliage can be enjoyed in an autumn, and winter activities can be enjoyed in a winter, so tourists can enjoy the nature of Hokkaido including various onsen and tasty foods in Niseko throughout the year. Read More


Mt. Youteizan
Mt. Youtei

List of Day Trip Onsen

Visitors can take day trip bath at the Kyogoku Fureai Koryu Center.

Kyogoku Fureai Koryu Center

Kyogoku Fureai Koryu Center is a hot spring facility for day trip onsen founded in 1996, and is popular with local people. An entrance fee to the bath facility is JPY 600. A restraunt is at the building, too.

Appearance of Building
Kyogoku Fureai Koryu Center

There are 1 outdoor bath, 2 indoor baths, 1 whirlpool bath, 1 medicated bath, 1 cold bath and 1 sauna at a large public bathhouse. The sunny round bathhouse with large windows is feeling good. The indoor baths, the whirlpool bath and the medicated bath use heated hot springs. The outdoor bath surrounded by rocks has a good view of Mt. Yotei. By the way, the cold bath uses the mineral water of the Kyogoku Fukidashi Park.

Look of Baths (Source: Kyogoku Fureai Koryu Center)
Kyogoku Fureai Koryu Center

The hot springs are sodium chloride sulfate spring, and are clear and colorless and have neither taste nor smell, and are not drinkable because of chlorination. Shampoos and body soaps are provided at the bathhouse. A restroom and free hair dryers are installed at a dressing room.

Types of Hot Springs Sodium chloride sulfate spring (Type: Weak alkaline, Osmotic Pressure: Low, Spring Temperature Type: Hot spring)
Water temperature of Hot Spring Source 41.3 C
ph 7.6
Indications Neuralgia, Muscular pain, Arthralgia, Frozen shoulder, Motor paralysis, Tightening of the joint, Bruise, Sprain, Chronic digestive diseases, Chronic skin diseases, Convalescent convalescence, Relieving fatigue, Healthy increase, Chronic woman's diseases, Weak children, Arteriosclerosis, Cold sensitivity, Cut, Burn
Contraindications Acute disease(when there is the heat in particular), Active tuberculosis, Malignant tumor, Severe heart disease, Respiratory failure, Renal insufficiency, Hemorrhagic disease, High anemia, Other diseases during condition of a patient progress generally
Indications of drinking Not drinking
Facilities Outdoor bath(1), Indoor bath(4), Sauna(1). * Sex-Segregated Bathhouse.
Entrance fee to the bath facility Adult: JPY 600. Child: JPY 300.
Business hours 10:00-21:00
Regular closing day Second Monday and irregular closing days
Parking lot A free parking is provided (180 cars)
Telephone number +81-136-42-2120
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 385 675 757*30

List of Accommodations

Refer to following websites for the accommodations in the Kyogoku.


    Kanematsu Ryokan(かねまつ旅館) Only Tel:+81-136-42-2054
    Three You Park Campsite(スリーユーパークキャンプ場)

    Kawakami Onsen

      Kawakami Onsen(川上温泉旅館) Tel:+81-136-42-2566

      A page of Niseko is here


      By the way, Club Tourism (クラブツーリズム), a Japanese tour travel agency, provides various types of tours such as day trip tours or ordinary tours. In the case of bus tours, tourists do not drive their cars themselves, so they can savor alcohol. Choosen tourist attractions are national parks such as Rishiri and Rebun, Shiretoko, and popular tourist places such as Furano and Biei, and some activities such as hiking and fruit picking are also enjoyed depending on seasons. If you are interested in tour trips, you should visit the club tourism's website for details.



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