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[Koshimizu Onsen] Day Trip Bath and Very Smooth and Sliperry Hot Springs Can Be Enjoyed at Fureai Center

March 5th, 2014

Koshimizu Onsen

Koshimizu Onsen (小清水温泉) is a hot spring place in Koshimizu town located in the western part of Shari town in the Shiretoko Peninsula. Fureai Center (ふれあいセンター) is built on a multipurpose sports ground at the outskirts of the Koshimizu, and there are Koshimizu Baseball Ground (小清水野球場), a tennis court, a football ground, a training center and Trimu Park around here. Restaurants, cafes, a supermarket, convenience stores, Izakaya and bars with a surcharge are relatively near here, too. Famous tourist attractions around here are Koshimizu Primeval Flower Garden (小清水原生花園), Lake Tofutsu (濤沸湖), Furetoi Observation Deck (フレトイ展望台) and Yuri-no-Sato Koshimizu Lily Park (こしみずリリーパーク). Speaking of tasty restaurants in the Koshimizu, Okhotsk Strawberry Farm (オホーツクいちごファーム), Bakery Maru (石釜パン工房 まる), Ramen Kissha Ekibasha (ラーメンきっさ えきばしゃ) and Fkutaro (福太郎) are popular in particular.

Look of Koshimizu Primeval Flower Garden
Koshimizu Primeval Flower Garden

Koshimizu Primeval Flower Garden

Koshimizu Primeval Flower Garden (小清水原生花園) is in Koshimizu town located in the southeastern part of Abashiri city and is on a slim sand dune with 8 km in width between the Sea of Okhotsk (オホーツク海) and Lake Tofustu (濤沸湖). There are Koshimizu Primeval Flower Garden Information Center "Hana" (小清水原生花園インフォメーションセンター Hana) and a restroom in the site, too, and they offer information about the primeval flower garden, and there are a stall and a resting place at the information center. There are Hamashimizu Maehama Camping Ground (浜清水前浜キャンプ場) and Futorei Observatory (フレトイ展望台) near the Koshimizu Primeval Flower Garden. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. Article is here

Look of Koshimizu Primeval Flower Garden
Koshimizu Primeval Flower Garden

Yuri-no-Sato Koshimizu Lily Park

Yuri-no-Sato Koshimizu Lily Park (ゆりの郷こしみずリリーパーク) is located in Koshimizu town in southeastern Abashiri city and was founded in 1998. About 110 types of 7 million flowers such as lily are planted on 2 hills of around 13 ha. It open a business from early July to early September and best viewing is from early August to mid August. Many types of liles such as early lily or late lily flower depending on the season. Late lilies did not flower yet when I visited here in early August. An entrance fee is JPY 500 for adult. * The entrance fee changes depeding on the season. A parking lot is free of charge. Article is here

View from Obseravatory
Lily Park in Koshimizu

Lake Tofutsu

Lake Tofutsu (濤沸湖) is a brackish lake in the southeastern of Abashiri city and was designed as a wetland under the Ramsar Convention in 2005. The perimeter of the lake is about 9.25 km. There is Hakucho Park (白鳥公園) in the west side of the lake, and there are Tofutsu-ko Hakucho Park Birdwatching Building (濤沸湖白鳥公園野鳥観察舎), Tofutsu-ko Waterwole and Wetland Center (濤沸湖水鳥・湿地センター) and wooden path with around 10 m in total length in the site. There is a wooden path in the north side of the lake next to Koshimizu Primeval Flower Garden (小清水原生花園), too. This lake is known as a rest place for waterfowl and about 40 kinds of water birds can be watched. Whooper swan is especially famous in a winter. Japanese pond smelt can be caught in the winter, too. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. Restrooms are provided at the buildings. Article is here

Lake Tofustu
Lake Tofustu in Abashiri

Furetoi Observation Deck

Furetoi Observation Deck (フレトイ展望台) is in Koshimizu town located in the southeastern part of Abashiri city and is adjacent to Hamakoshimizu Maehama Campsite (浜小清水前浜キャンプ場), and is near Hamakoshimizu Station (浜小清水駅) and Road Station Hanayaka koshimizu (道の駅「はなやか(葉菜野花)小清水」). Furetoi means the end of a dunea sandhill in Ainu language, and the Furetoi Observation Deck is on the end of Koshimizu Primeval Flower Garden (小清水原生花園). The pyramid-shaped observation deck take a person's eye. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. Article is here

Furetoi Observation Deck Stands on Small Hill
Furetoi Observation Deck in Koshimizu

List of Day Trip Onsen

Visitors can take a day trip bath at the Fureai Center.


Lily Park
Fureai Center in Koshimizu

Fureai Center

Fureai Center is a small-sized onsen ryokan founded in 1993, and Daishinto Human Service corp, SHIDAX group, runs it at present. An entrance fee to a bath facility is JPY 400. A staying is possible, too. Restraunt "Yumefusen" (レストラン「夢風船」) is at the building, too, and visitors for day trip bath can use the restraunt.

Entrance Hall
Koshimizu Onsen Fureai Center

There are 1 indoor bath, 1 walking bath, 1 sleeping bath, 1 whirlpool bath, 1 cold bath and 1 sauna at a public bathhouse. The tiled bathhouse is not so large. But the sunny bathhouse with latge windows is feeling good. Water temperature of the hot spring sources is high, so a heat exchanger lower the water temperature. By the way, a photography is prohibited at the bathroom and the dressing room. Bad luck!

Indoor Bath (Source: Fureai Center)
Koshimizu Onsen Fureai Center

The indoor bath is the size that about 15 people can take a bath, and uses 100% natural free flowing hot springs. Water temperature is 41-43C. The whirlpool bath is the size that about 3 people can take a bath, and the sleeping bath seats 3 people, and both baths use heated water.

Whirlpool Bath(Source: Fureai Center)
Koshimizu Onsen Fureai Center

The hot springs are simple alkaline hot spring, and are clear and light yellow and have a little salty and no smell. The sum total of the hot spring ingredients are 0.573 g/kg. Because the public health center does not admit it, Unfortunately, the hot springs are not drinkable. The hot springs with ph 9.0 has very smooth and slippery touch. Shampoos and body soaps are provided at the bathhouse. A restroom is installed at a dressing room.

Dressing Room
Koshimizu Onsen Fureai Center
Resting Room
Koshimizu Onsen Fureai Center

Atmosphere of Fureai Center Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Fureai Center

Types of Hot Springs Simple alkaline hot spring (Type: Alkaline, Osmotic Pressure: Low, Spring Temperature Type: Extra hot spring)
Water temperature of Hot Spring Source 54.6 C
ph 9.0
Indications Neuralgia, Muscle pain, Arthralgia, Frozen shoulders, Motor paralysis, Tightening of the joint, Bruise, Sprain, Relieving fatigue, Chronic digestive diseases, Hemorrhoid, Chronic skin disease, Cold sensitivity, Convalescent convalescence, Healthy increase
Contraindications Acute disease(when there is the heat in particular), Active tuberculosis, Malignant tumor, Severe heart disease, Respiratory failure, Renal insufficiency, Hemorrhagic disease, High anemia, Other diseases during condition of a patient progress generally
Indications of drinking Not drinking
Facilities Indoor bath(5), Sauna(1). * Sex-Segregated Bathhouse.
Entrance fee to the bath facility Adult: JPY 400. Child(first to 9th grade students): JPY 150. Child under elementary school age: Free of charge.
Business hours 10:00-22:00
Regular closing day 3rd Wednesday
Parking lot A free parking is provided (100 cars)
Telephone number +81-152-62-3020
Home page Home page is here
Reservation Jalan is here
Mapcode 444 672 096*70

List of Accommodations

Refer to following websites for the accommodations in Koshimizu Onsen. You can get information regarding online reviews and photos.

Fureai Center(ふれあいセンター)



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