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Superb Views Spread over in Cape and Wetland -Kiritappu in Hamanaka-

September 2nd, 2014

Around Kiritappu

Kiritappu (霧多布) in Hamanaka town is located between Kushiro city and Nemuro city. "Kiri (霧)" of Kiritappu means "fog" in English. It is said that the name of Kiritappu means "A place that a lot of fog occur". But the true origin of the name is "A place that people cut miscanthus reed (茅を刈る場所)" in the Ainu language. The name is happen to get the fog. Temperature rarely exceeds 20 degrees, it is chilly by the fog even in a summer. There are famous sightseeing spots such as Cape Kiritappu (霧多布岬), Kiritappu Wetland (霧多布湿原), Cape Azechi (アゼチの岬) to see superb views, and Namidamisaki Observatory (涙岬展望台) and Chanai Rakuno Observatory (茶内酪農展望台) are a little far from Kiritappu, but those are tourist atractions with very good views. By the way, the Japanese movie "Flowering Dogwood (ハナミズキ)" that Mr. Nobuhiro Doi (土井裕泰) produced and a popular actress, Ms. Yui Aragaki (新垣結衣), and a popular actor, Mr. Toma Ikuta (生田斗真), play leading parts was filmed in those places.

Miscanthus Reed Grow Thick
Kiritappu Wetland, Hamanaka

Kiritappu Wetland

Kiritappu Wetland has the third largest wetland, 3,168 ha, after Kushiro Wetland (釧路湿原) and Sarobetsu Plain (サロベツ原野) in Japan. The wetland was designed as the Ramsar Convention Wetland in 1993. This is called the wetland of flowers, the Corydalis ambigua and the Skunk cabbage bloom in May, 400 kinds of the flowers such as the Cotton grass and the Yezo-licorice and the Yezo-gentian can be seen from June to August. There are 3 facilities, Kiritappu Wetland National Trust (霧多布湿原ナショナルトラスト), Kiritappu Wetland Center (霧多布湿原センター) and Biwase Observatory (琵琶瀬展望台) around the wetland, and 4 wooden paths, Biwase Wooden Path (琵琶瀬木道), Naka-no-Hama Wooden Path (仲の浜木道), Okubiwase Wooden Path (奥琵琶瀬木道) and Yachibozu Wooden Path (やちぼうず木道), are built, too. Tourists can observe the wetland and can look around the wetland along MG (Marshy Grassland) road.

Fortunately, Japanese Crane Appears
Kiritappu Wetland in Hamanaka
Marshy Grassland Road
Kiritappu Wetland in Hamanaka
Kiritappu Wetland National Trust
Kiritappu Wetland in Hamanaka
View from Kiritappu Wetland Center
Kiritappu Wetland in Hamanaka
View from Biwase Observatory
Kiritappu Wetland in Hamanaka

Atmosphere of Kiritappu Wetland Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Kiritappu Wetland

Cape Kiritappu

Formal name of Cape Kiritappu is Cape Yufutsu (湯沸岬). Another name is Cape Tokkari (トッカリ岬) because Tokkari that means an earless seal in Ainu language are seen around the cape sometimes. There is the Cape Kiritappu in the west side of the Kiritappu Peninsula (霧多布半島), steep cliffs with 40 m in height extend. A strong wind and angry waves from the Pacific ocean create this strange topography. There are Kiritappumisaki Observatory (霧多布岬展望台) and Yufutsumisaki Lighthouse (湯沸岬灯台). Visitors can look at Hokakeiwa Rock (帆掛岩) that the earless seals take a rest and look over Ponporoto district (奔幌戸地区) and Mouraito-no-Zepeki (貰人の絶壁 * Mouraito Cliff) through the Gulf of Hamanaka (浜中湾). Article is here

Cape Yufutsu
Kiritappumisaki Observatory in Hamanaka
Gulf of Biwase and Kombu Fishing Boat
Yufutsumisaki Lighthouse in Kiritappu, Hamanaka

Atmosphere of Cape Kiritappu Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Cape Kiritappu

Cape Azechi

Cape Azechi is located in the east end of Kiritappu Peninsula. There is nothing with disturbing my view, it has a superb view. Tourists can look over Kojima Island (小島), Gome Island (ゴメ島) and Kenbokki Island (嶮暮帰小島) floating in Gulf of Biwase (琵琶瀬湾) from a view point. By the way, the left side is the Kojima Island and the right side is Gome Island like rocks, and the depth is the Kenbokki Island. A seabird named Fratercula cirrhata (エトピリカ), endangered species, seems to build a nest around here, too. There is a restroom on a parking lot. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. Article is here

Gulf of Biwase
Cape Azechi in Kiritappu, Hamanaka

Atmosphere of Cape Azechi Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Cape Azechi

Namidamisaki Observatory

Namidamisaki Observatory (涙岬展望台) is on Akkeshi side of Hamanaka town located between Kushiro city and Nemuro city and is a little far from Kiritappu (霧多布). Visitors can look at Cape Namida (涙岬) and Tachiiwa Rock (立岩) on sheer cliffs. Namida (涙) means "Tears" and Tachi (立) means "Standing" in Japanese. The Cape Namida has a legend. A young man lived in Akkeshi and a young girl lived in Kiritappu fell in love each other in old days. His ship that moved from Akkeshi to Kiritappu ran aground, and he sank into the sea. She knew the fact and stood on cliffs, and seemed to cry every day. She became the rock unawares. The visitors can look at the rocks looked like the side face of a woman on the cliffs. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. Article is here

Cape Namida. It Looks Like Side of Woman Face
Namidamisaki Observatory in Hamanaka

Atmosphere of Cape Namida Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Cape Namida

Chanai Rakuno Observatory

Chanai Rakuno Observatory (茶内酪農展望台) stands at Chanai Parking Area (茶内パーキングエリア) along Japan National Route 44. There are a small restraunt, a stall and a restroom at the Chanai Parking Area. The height of an iron observatory is about 20 m, and visitors can look over 360 degree view of ranches on the top. The view is a typical Hokkaido and is very comfortable. But it may be slightly terrible for a person that is scared of heights. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. Article is here

View from Chanai Rakuno Observatory
Chanai Rakuno Observatory in Hamanaka

Atmosphere of Chanai Rakuno Observatory Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Chanai Rakuno Observatory

List of Accommodations

Refer to following websites for the accommodations around Kiritappu.

Ryokan Kurimoto(旅館 くりもと)
Minshuku Misaki(民宿 岬) Only Tel:+81-153-62-2367
Kawamura Ryokan(川村旅館) Only Tel:+81-153-62-2326
Minshuku Bankamu(民宿 伴架夢) Only Tel:+81-153-62-2159
Shoku-no-Yado Kiritappuri(食の宿 霧多布里)
Minshuku Watanabe(民宿 わたなべ)
Minshuku Yorimichi(民宿 より道) Only Tel:+81-153-62-3359
Minshuku Tama-no-Kawa(民宿 玉の川) Only Tel:+81-153-65-2224
Pension Porch(ペンション ポーチ)
Shukubo Cabanon(宿房 樺のん)