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[Katsukumi Onsen in Hakodate] Day Trip Bath and Onsen That Shinsengumi Toshizo Hijikata Took a Bath Can Be Enjoyed

Kakkumi Onsen

Kakkumi Onsen (川汲温泉) is a hot spring place in Kakkumi-cho located in the northeastern part of Hakodate city. 2 onsen ryokan, Meirin-so (明林荘) and Another Inn, are built along Hokkaido Road 83. The distance is around 30 km far away from the center of the Hakodate, and there are only Kakkumi Park and a campsite around here. But restaurants and a convenience store in the center of Minamikayabe (南茅部) are 2 km away for here.

Katsukumi River
Katsukumi river in Hakodate

The Kakkumi Onsen has opened a business since the early 18th century, Edo period. In addition, a damaged crane was cured by hot springs, so this onsen was called Tsuru-no-Yu (鶴の湯) at that time. * The crane means “Tsuru” in Japanse, and the hot water means “Yu” in Japanese. Mr. Tokunai Mogami (最上徳内) wrote an article in Yezozoshi (蝦夷草紙) together with Isoya Onsen (磯谷温泉), Shikabe Onsen (鹿部温泉) and Higashi Onuma Onsen (東大沼温泉) in 1790, and the Kakkumi Onsen is one of historical onsen in Hokkaido, too. It is said that a war was breaked out in Kakkumi Pass during times of Hakodate War, Mr. Toshizo Hijikata (土方歳三), a famous samurai of Shinsengumi, stayed at the predecessor of the Another Ryokan. By the way, Manjojiki Highland (万畳敷高原) and Ayame Marshland (アヤメ湿原) are relatively famous tourist attractions near here.

Atmosphere of Ayame Marshland Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Ayame Marshland

By the way, diredct buses do not run between Sapporo or New Chitose Airport and the Kakkumi Onsen. But Express Hakodate-go (高速はこだて号) and Hakodate Limited Express New Star-go (函館特急ニュースター号), express buses, run between the Sapporo and the Hakodate. Unfortunately, the express bus does not run between the New Chitose Airport and the Hakodate. Besides, Rent-a-car can be rented around Hakodate Station, Hakodate Airport, the Goryokaku Fort and Hakodate Ferry Terminal.

    List of Means of Transportation

    Highway buses run between the Hakodate and the Sapporo. Refer to following the means of the transportation in the Hakodate. As for car rental comparison websites, you can compare vehicle rental prices on Jalan Rental Car (じゃらんレンタカー) and Rakutem Travel Rental Car (楽天トラベルレンタカー).

    Chuo Bus(中央バス) From Sapporo to Hakodate
    Chuo Bus(中央バス) From Hakodate to Sapporo
    Hokkaido Bus(北海道バス) From Sapporo to Hakodate
    Hokkaido Bus(北海道バス) From Hakodate to Sapporo
    Nippon Rent-a-car(ニッポンレンタカー) Their offices are near Hakodate Station and Hakodate Airport.
    Times Car Rental(タイムズカーレンタル) Their offices are near the Hakodate Station and the Hakodate Airport.
    Toyota Rental Lease(トヨタレンタリース) Their offices are near the Hakodate Station, the Goryokaku Fort and the Hakodate Airport.
    Nissan Rent-a-car(日産レンタカー) Their offices are near the Hakodate Station and the Hakodate Airport.
    Orix Rent-a-car(オリックスレンタカー) Their offices are near the Hakodate Station, the Hakodate Ferry Terminal and the Hakodate Airport.
    Station Rent-a-car(駅レンタカー) Their office is near the Hakodate Station.
    World Net Rent-a-car(ワールドネットレンタカー) Their office is near the Hakodate Airport.
    Nico Nico Rent-a-car(ニコニコレンタカー) Their office is near the Hakodate Station, the Bay Area, the Goryokaku and the Hakodate Airport.
    Ones Rent-a-car(ワンズレンタカー) Their offices are near Kaigan-cho, the Hakodate Ferry Terminal, the Hakodate Airport, the Goryokaku Fort and the Yunokawa Onsen.


    Hakodate (函館) that about 260,000 people live is the 3rd largest port city in Hokkaido, and is a regional hub city of the Southern Hokkaido area. The Hakodate became incorporated with Toi town (戸井), Esan town (恵山), Todohokke village (椴法華) and Minami-kayabe town (南茅部) in 2004, and most of Kameda Peninsula (亀田半島) has changed to the Hakodate. It is one of most popular tourist cities in the Hokkaido, and about 5 million people visit here. The downtown of the Hakodate from Mt. Hakodate toward former Goryokaku fort is developed on a large sandbar between the seas, and a unique seashore landscape is very popular. Although a lot of tourists think the center town of the Hakodate is around Hakodate Station and the Mt. Hakodate, it is around Hakodate Streetcar Goryokaku Koen-mae Stop (函館市電五稜郭公園前駅). The Hakodate is also well-known as a city with a lot of slopes, and there are 19 slopes with its name such as Hachiman-zaka slope (八幡坂), Daisan-zaka slope (大三坂) and Motoi-zaka slope (基坂), so around the Mt. Hakodate has a lot of slope lands, and the Hakodate has a lot of narrow roads. As for a climate, the Hakodate is wamer than other cities in the Hokkaido because it is located of the Southern Hokkaido, and it does not snow hard. Read More


    View from Mt. Hakodate

    List of Day Trip Onsen

    Visitors can take a day trip bath at the Meirin-so and Another Inn.


    Meirin-so is a long-established onsen ryokan founded in 1953, and is well-known for a traditional building with beautiful fall foliage along the Kakkumi River. Because a parking lot is always closed, I am afraid whether it open a bussiness. A photography is prohibited around the building. An entrance fee to a bath facility is JPY 450. They does not accept hotel guests at present. There is 1 indoor bath at a public bathroom. The tiled bathroom with a high ceiling is small but cozy, and reminds me of good old Japanese Sento. A dressing room is linked with the bathroom by a staircase.

    Appearance of Building in The Distance
    Meirin-so Kakkumi Onsen in Hakodate

    The square tiled indoor bath is the size that about 4 people can take a bath, and uses 100% natural free flowing hot springs. A shower is not installed at the bath space, so you must pour the hot springs on yourself to rinse off your surface dirt and sweat before entering the bath. The hot springs are simple hot spring, and are clear and colorless and have tastless and a little sulfur smell. The sum total of the hot spring ingredients are 0.790 g/kg. Shompoos and bodysoaps are not provided at the bathhouse, so visitors have to bring those.

    Types of Hot Springs Simple hot spring (Type: Alkaline, Osmotic Pressure :Low, Spring Temperature Type: Extra hot spring)
    Water temperature of Hot Spring Source 45.3 C
    ph 8.9
    Indications Neuralgia, Muscle pain, Arthralgia, Bruise, Hemorrhoid, Chronic skin disease, Relieving fatigue, Convalescent convalescence
    Contraindications Acute disease(when there is the heat in particular), Active tuberculosis, Malignant tumor, Severe heart disease, Respiratory failure, Renal insufficiency, Hemorrhagic disease, High anemia, Other diseases during condition of a patient progress generally
    Indications of drinking Unknown
    Facilities Indoor bath(1). * Sex-Segregated Bathhouse.
    Entrance fee to the bath facility Adult: JPY 450. Elementary school student: JPY 140. Infant: JPY 70.
    Business hours 07:30-20:00
    Regular closing day Open all year round
    Parking lot A free parking is provided (10 cars)
    Telephone number +81-138-25-3303
    Home page Home page is not provided
    Mapcode 582 821 097*60

    List of Accommodations

    Refer to following websites for the accommodations in the Kakkumi Onsen and the Minamikayabe. You can get information regarding online reviews and photos.

        Nihonyanagi Ryokan(二本柳旅館)

        A page of Hakodate is here


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