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JUN DOG is Famous in only Asahikawa -Pigeon House in Asahikawa-

February 15th, 2015

JUN DOG (ジュンドッグ) is one of local dishes in Asahikawa, deep-fried foods are wrapped with boiled rice. All Asahikawa people know it, but it is said that people except Asahikawa people do not know it, it is a dish loved by local people. Because I heard from a certain woman who got to know in a study session about JUN DOG, I visited here in the evening and bought a JUN DOG with sausage, a JUN DOG with deep-fried prawn, a JUN DOG with chicken cutlet. The price is JPY 400 per each. With permission of an owner, I decided to eat those at a shop. I had a coffee.

Appearance of Building
JUN DOG -Pigeon House in Asahikawa-
Stuffed Fish of Fish Skin. Hobby of Owner
JUN DOG -Pigeon House in Asahikawa-
JUN DOG with Sausage, JUN DOG with Deep-Fried Prawn, JUN DOG with Chicken Cutlet from Top
JUN DOG -Pigeon House in Asahikawa-

Mr. Junpei (純平) who ran an coffee shop in Biei seemed to cook the JUN DOG first in 1990 when I heard a talking from the owner, fishing enthusiast. It seems to be an origin of an idea that a regular customer wrapped a deep-fried shrimp over with a saran wrap to go. Unfortunately, Mr. Junpei passed away around 2000, but the owner took over with his purpose and seems to sell the JUN DOG.


Rice Comes Out from Package
JUN DOG -Pigeon House in Asahikawa-

There are a little less than 40 kinds of JUN DOG such as a JUN DOG with fried oysters, a JUN DOG with fried scallop and etc. But they do not seem to cook all kinds every day. They are particular about rice and use Koshihikari rice (コシヒカリ). The Koshihikari rice seems to be just good stickiness to drawn out deliciousness of ingredients wrapped by boiled rice. It is important to seal it up. A reason why JUN DOG is famous in Asahikawa is because they sold JUN DOG in various events. But the owner has not been well lately and was not able to participate in many events. Look after himself.

JUN DOG with Chicken Cutlet
JUN DOG -Pigeon House in Asahikawa-
JUN DOG with Deep-Fried Prawn
JUN DOG -Pigeon House in Asahikawa-
JUN DOG with Sausage
JUN DOG -Pigeon House in Asahikawa-

JUN DOG and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of JUN DOG

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Business hours 10:00-19:00
Regular closing day Wednesday
Telephone number +81-166-33-0202
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