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Spicy Chicken Masala and Chewy Naan -Hoheikyo Onsen Shokudo in Sapporo-

May 12th, 2014

Onsen Shokudo (ONSEN食堂) is at a building of Hoheikyo Onsen (豊平峡温泉) located in Jozankei (定山渓), Sapporo city. It is a strange combination of hot springs and Indian curry for some reason. But the Indian curry is very popular. Visitors will be always lines on weekends because I suppose that an Indian cooks.

Appearance of Building
Chicken Masala -Hoheikyo Onsen Shokudo in Sapporo-

The visitors take off their shoes at an entrance and buy a meal ticket at a reception desk. When I asked a waiter about recommendation, he replied "Keema Curry (キーマカレー), Chicken Makhanwala (チキンマクハンワラ) and Chicken Masala (チキンマサラ)". A hotness was available, too. I ordered the Chicken Masala with medium hot, and I got the meal ticket. The price is JPY 900. I went to the restraunt afterwards. The restraunt was Japanese style and had all tables, and the visitors could eat while looking a garden. It is good that the visitors can relax just after taking a bath.

Chicken Masala from Top
Chicken Masala -Hoheikyo Onsen Shokudo in Sapporo-

This was a self-service restaurant. If the number of a meal ticket was announced, cusotmers carried dishes themselves. Of course the customers served a water themselves, too. The fragrance of curry spice and naan sharpened my appetite while carrying my Chicken Masala. I sat at a table and took a bite at once. Tasty! The naan was baked with a specially made ceramic oven and had cripsy outside and chewy inside. The chewy texture was very good. The curry seems to be made from dozen kinds of spice and onions. This spicy curry was very good, too!


Chicken Masala
Chicken Masala -Hoheikyo Onsen Shokudo in Sapporo-
Chicken Masala -Hoheikyo Onsen Shokudo in Sapporo-
Meat of Indian Curry
Chicken Masala -Hoheikyo Onsen Shokudo in Sapporo-

Indian Curry and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Indian Curry

Parking lot Parking is provided (200 Cars)
Business hours 11:00-21:00
Regular closing day Irregular closing day
Telephone number +81-11-598-2410
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