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[How to Use Japanese Toilet] Japanese Toilets Are Roughly Divided into 3 Types

Japanese-style Toilet
How to Use Japanese Toilet

How to Use Toilet in Japan

Toilets are roughly divided into 3 types in the Japan. The first is a urinal for men, and the second is a Japanese-style toilet, and the last is Japanese Western-style toilet. In adittion, the Japan has 2 types of excretion treatment method, flush toilet and vault toilet, and the flush toilet is more sanitary than the vault toilet. Percentage of sewered population in the Japan is about 80 %, and that in the Hokkaido is about 90 %. So most of the toilets are the flush toilet. The vault toilets are only in a part of rustic areas, but most of toilets in secret onsen are the vault toilet.

Movie of Japanese Toilet’s History

Movie of How to Use Toilet in Japan

As its name suggests, the urinal for men is that men have a leak. Japanese urinals for men have been made since the Meiji period through Western countries’ influence. Except public restroom for women at some parks, only male restrooms have the urinal for men. The urinal for women used to be in the Japan, but it has not become common. If that became common, toilet jam for women might be solved.

Urinal for Men
How to Use Japanese Toilet

Feces storage vault toilet in Kamakura period is the origin of the Japanese-style toilet, and current ceramic toilets have been made since the Meiji period. A rounded and protruded head part called Kinkakushi (金隠し * mantle or hood on a urinal, squat-toilet) is at the front side, and a toilet user sits straddling the ceramic toilet while turning one’s head toward the Kinkakushi. Women sit straddling it to have a leak and a shit, and men sit straddling it to have a shit. As for the urinate, men stand having a leak in the back side of the toilet in general. But do not get dirty the toilet to lose control of your hose. By the way, Japanese feel miserable in a posing of sitting straddling, so they prefer not to use the toilet, and the Japanese Western-style toilet is popular.


Japanese-style Toilet
How to Use Japanese Toilet

The Western-style toilet is used worldwide, and is also popular in the Japan. A comfortable position without getting tired is one of the popularity. In addition, the Japanese Western-style toilet with various comfortable function has a good reputation. For example, that is a heated toilet seat. In a cold winter, a lot of people are hard to stand up because of comfortable it. A toilet seat with bidet functions is essential for modern Japanese people.

Japanese Western-style Toilet
How to Use Japanese Toilet

In most cases, toilet papers are provided for restrooms in the Japan. The paper is easy to dissolve in water, please put it into the toilet, and flush it with bodily waste. In Taiwan or China, people have to put the toilet papers into a trash box, but Japanese put only used sanitary napkin into the trash box. In the case of a toilet flush lever, please turn off the lever in the direction of “大” meant “Feces” when you have a shit, and please turn off the lever in the direction of “小” meant “Urine” when you have a leak. This is measure to prevent a wasteful use of water. As for the Japanese Western-style toilet with buttons, the meaning of the buttons are same as “大” and “小”.

Western‐style Toilet Flush Lever. “大” and “小”

Movie of How to Use Japanese Western-style Toilet

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