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How to Take Japanese Bath

May 2nd, 2013

Bathing Manners

  • * Please take your clothes off at a dressing room and hide between your legs with a hand towel while moving.
  • * Please wash your body with shower or pour hot water on yourself with a pail before entering the bathtub. Particularly, wash your sweaty parts carefully.
  • * Do not put the hand towel into water of a bathtub. Let’s put the hand towel on your head. It is a pefect Japanese bathing style.
  • * If there are many bathtubs, let’s take all bathtubs and enjoy bathing.
  • * When you move at a bathhouse, please hide your legs with the hand towel.
  • * When you get out of the bath, please dry yourself well at the dressing room.


  • * Do not swim at the bathtub. You become an annoyance to surrounding people.
  • * Do not run at the bathhouse. You become an annoyance to surrounding people. You may fall down, too.
  • * Do not take a picture at the bathhouse if other people take a bath. You become an annoyance to surrounding people. You insisted on wanting to take a picture, please obtain permission to other bather.
  • * Do not defecate or urinate at the bathtub and the bathhouse.

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  1. good! hokkaido! says:

    Hi, Oliver, thank you for your comment.
    So, you want to know how to take a Japanese bath with reviews?

  2. Oliver says:

    Can you make an article on how to use a Japanese toilet seat like this?


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