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If You Visit Four Major Zoos in Hokkaido, Tourists Will Have Good Time

January 7th, 2015

Hokkaido 4 Major Zoos

There are 4 major zoos in Hokkaido. Asahiyama Zoo is located in Asahikawa city, Maruyama Zoo is located in Sapporo city, Obihiro Zoo is located in Obihiro city and Kushiro Zoo is located in Kushiro city. Each zoos have many ways of enjoying and interresting. Everybody can know differences if everybody go to all the zoos.

Asahiyama Zoo

Asahiyama Zoo (旭山動物園物語) is the northernmost zoo in Japan and has the third visitors after Ueno Zoo (上野動物園) and Higashiyama Zoo (東山動物園) in Japan, and 1,600,000 people visit every year. Many tourists come from foreign countries such as Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as Japan, too. Originally the Asahiyama Zoo was a loss-making zoo, but they changed ways of exhibitions. One is "Action exhibitions to show original wild life of animals", and other is "Mixed exhibitions to let animals of different kinds coexist in a near‐natural environment". "Asahiyama Zoo Story -Penguins fly in the sky- (旭山動物園物語 ペンギンが空を飛ぶ)" was broadcasted on a movie and a tv, and the Asahiyama Zoo became one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hokkaido. Article is here

When I look up, Harbor Seal Appear!
Asahiyama Zoo Seal Museum
Polar Bear Looks Fun
Asahiyama Zoo Polar Bear House
Photo credit: Courtesy of Makan Angin

Atmosphere of Ahahiyama Zoo Can Be Watched on Youtube.

Movie of Ahahiyama Zoo

Maruyama Zoo

Maruyama Zoo (円山動物園) is one of only 4 zoos in Hokkaido. 177 kinds of 924 animals are bred in February 28, 2014. There are 20 animal houses in the Maruyama Zoo, and it takes one hour 30 minutes even if tourists look around roughly. I thought that the zoo for children was very interesting. At the zoo for children, animals such as sheeps or chickens, ducks are bred, and tourists can observe those closely. It is very nice that the tourists are able to come in contact with animals. Article is here

Polar Bear
Maruyama Zoo
Lesser Panda
Maruyama Zoo High Mountain House

Atmosphere of Maruyama Zoo Can Be Watched on Youtube.


Movie of Maruyama Zoo

Obihiro Zoo

Obihiro Zoo (帯広動物園) is the second oldest zoo after Maruyama Zoo (円山動物園) in Hokkaido and was opened in 1963. It is known as a zoo that was established a method to breed tropical animals in cold Hokkaido for the first time in Japan. About 73 kinds of 400 animals are bred at the Obihiro Zoo. In addition, there is an amusement park at the zoo, and Mini Steam Locomotion Benkeigo (弁慶号) goes around the amusement park. Strollers and wheelchairs are provided, too, and those are free rental. Article is here

Indian Elephant Eat Bait
Obihiro Zoo Indian Elephant
Wild Squirrel
Obihiro Zoo

Atmosphere of Obihiro Zoo Can Be Watched on Youtube.

Movie of Obihiro Zoo

Kushiro Zoo

Kushiro Zoo (釧路動物園) is located at Yamahana Park (山花公園) and is adjacent to Yamahana Onsen Rifre (山花温泉リフレ) and Kushiro Fureai Horse Park (釧路市ふれあいホースパーク) and an auto campsite. It features a large site, and anout 60 kinds of 450 animals are bred at the site of 47.8 ha. The Kushiro Zoo was established in 1975 and is located in the eastmostern zoo in Japan. There are a sightseeing facility with wooden paths that reproduced Kushiro-shitsugen Wetalnd and a amusement park at the zoo, too. In addition, there is Yamahana Graveyard (山花墓地) for some reason at the zoo. The Kushiro Zoo is the rare zoo that there is a cemetery at the zoo in Japan. Article is here

Close-Up of Cocoa
Fierce Animal -Kushiro Zoo-
Playing on Ball
Polar Bear -Kushiro Zoo-

Atmosphere of Kushiro Zoo Can Be Watched on Youtube.

Movie of Kushiro Zoo



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