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Sticky Rice Hamburg Steak Mixed Japanese Dishe with Western Dishe -Tamasaburo in Nayoro-

October 13th, 2014

Tamasaburo (たまさぶろう) is a restaurant in Nayoro city located between Asahikawa city and Wakkanai city. There is a building next to Nayoro North Interchange (名寄北インターチェンジ). I heard from Ms. Gishi that a dish was tasty, and I visited here. The building rebuilt a solitary house, and it had an atmosphere like the building of Okushiba Shoten (奥芝商店), famous soup curry restraunt. It is different from displayed railroad goods. An owner is a railroad fan. There is an exhibition room with railroad models, and a visit is possible outside business hours. By the way, a name of the restaurant was named after the name of a budgerigar that he bred. Therefore an illustration of the budgerigar was drawn. I made sense.

Appearance of Building. Plants of This Side Is Asparagus
Sticky Rice Hamburg Steak -Tamasaburo in Nayoro-
Railroad Items Are Displayed in Shop
Sticky Rice Hamburg Steak -Tamasaburo in Nayoro-

Dishes looked tasty when I read a menu. Because I came to Nayoro, I ordered hamburger steak thickened with sticky rice (ハンバーグ定食), special product in Nayoro, combo. The price was JPY 900. I ordered Yukitomchiawase (雪とまちあわせ), too, because this was appetizing sweets. The price was JPY 350. Approximately 15 minutes later, the hamburger steak combo was served. This was mixed Japanese dishes such as a simmered radish and a fried fish with Western dish such as a hamburger steak and soup. Because the dishes used many vegetables produced in Nayoro, I was glad. Appearance looked beautiful, too.

Rice, Hamburger Steak, Fried Fish, Salad of Pumpkin, Soup Are 1 Set
Sticky Rice Hamburg Steak -Tamasaburo in Nayoro-
Sticky Rice Hamburg Steak -Tamasaburo in Nayoro-

As for the hamburger steak, meat juice flowed out when I bite it, and the demiglace sauce with tomato flavor was tasty. Other dishes were light taste. These seemed to make the rich taste of the hamburger steak neutralize. I was interested in the soup. I felt the soup such as miso soup. Whta does use soup broth? I do not know the details.


Hamburg Steak Is Thickened with Sticky Rice
Sticky Rice Hamburg Steak -Tamasaburo in Nayoro-
Simmered Radish
Sticky Rice Hamburg Steak -Tamasaburo in Nayoro-
Fried Fish
Sticky Rice Hamburg Steak -Tamasaburo in Nayoro-
Salad of Pumpkin
Sticky Rice Hamburg Steak -Tamasaburo in Nayoro-
Demiglace Sauce of Tomato Taste
Sticky Rice Hamburg Steak -Tamasaburo in Nayoro-
Corn, Carrot, Onion in Soup
Sticky Rice Hamburg Steak -Tamasaburo in Nayoro-

By the way, the owner brought up in Kansai. His parents come from Nayoro. His grandfather was a teacher at Nayoro High School. Because I come from Nayoro High School, I became glad when I heard the talking. He said that a generation of his father was grandfather's pupil. I asked my father and mother who cone from Nayoro High Schoo, too, but they unfortunately did not know him. However, the generations know his name and visit the restaurant. I think that it was a good story beyond time.

Hamburger Steak Combo and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Hamburger Steak Combo

Parking lot Parking is provided (3 Cars)
Business hours 11:30~14:00, 17:00~21:00
Regular closing day Tuesday, Second Wednesday
Telephone number +81-1654-2-0507
Home page The Home page is here
Mapcode 272 712 328*27

A page of Nayoro is here




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