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Tender and Succulent Hamburg Steak -Orchardgrass at Kawayu Onsen Station-

May 23rd, 2015

Orchardgrass (オーチャードグラス) is a restaurant at Kawayu-Onsen Station building in Teshikaga town located in the northern part of Kushiro city. The orchardgrass is a kind of a grass. After Kawayu-Onsen Station became an unmanned station, the Orchardgrass started a business in 1987. The station building is a wooden building built in 1930, and it has an atmosphere such as the Showa period. There is a footbath on the station building, too.

Appearance of Building
Hamburg Steak -Orchardgrass in Teshikaga-

I visited here around 10:00 on weekdays. I was the first visitor. The restraunt had an atomosphere such as an old station in the Showa era, and I felt as if I transported through time. There were many tables and familiy customers seem to enjoy. I sat at the table and read a menu. Beef stew (ビーフシチュー) was most popular and hamburg steak was second popular. A soft serve ice cream seemed to be popular, too. Because the hamburger steak looked the most appetizing, I ordered it. The price was JPY 1050. Rice was served with the dish, too.

Look of Restraunt
Hamburg Steak -Orchardgrass in Teshikaga-
Hamburger Steak from Top
Hamburg Steak -Orchardgrass in Teshikaga-

Approximately 15 minutes later, the hamburger steak was served. A soft-boiled egg was on the hamburger steak, it looked tasty. I ate one bite at once. It was tender and succulent, and so good! Rich demiglace sauce had good seasoning. It was tasty even if I ate the rice with the soft-boiled yolk and demiglace sauce. The beef stew and the soft serve ice cream must be very good because the hamburger steak was very good.


Soft-Boiled Egg on Hamburger Steak
Hamburg Steak -Orchardgrass in Teshikaga-
Section of Hamburg Steak
Hamburg Steak -Orchardgrass in Teshikaga-
Hamburg Steak -Orchardgrass in Teshikaga-
Demiglace Sauce Is Tasty, Too
Hamburg Steak -Orchardgrass in Teshikaga-
Hamburg Steak -Orchardgrass in Teshikaga-
Hamburg Steak -Orchardgrass in Teshikaga-

Hamburg Steak and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Hamburg Steak

Parking lot Parking is provided (10 Cars)
Business hours 10:00-18:00
Regular closing day Tuesday * from July to September Always open
Telephone number +81-15-483-3787
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 731 715 643*75



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