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Grilled Scallops Skewers with Appetizing Smell Has Scallop Adductor of Thick Flesh -Yumekukan in Sarifutsu-

June 9th, 2014

Yumekukan (夢喰間) is a store at the roadside station "Sarufutsu Park (さるふつ公園)" in Sarufutsu village and is next to very large ranch facing the Sea of Okhotsk. Visitors can look over magnificent nature. There is a building near Indigirka memorial monument (インディギルカ号遭難者慰霊碑) and Sarufutsu Onsen (猿払温泉). Sarufutsu village is most scallops caught in Japan and is famous town as scallops. Fishermen discharge the scallops into the sea, and they bring those up in the sea for 5 years. Natural scallops that are not cultured scallops become sweet thick flesh with high quality.

Appearance of Building
Grilled Scallops Skewers -Yumekukan in Sarufutsu-

I ordered a grilled scallops skewer to eat the scallop. The price was JPY 420. 2 adductor muscles were stuck on 1 skewer. A smell of the scallop grilled with pouring soy sauce was appetizing. The adductor muscle with thick flesh and was tasty! The scallop meal was sold other than grilled scallops skewers. Sarufutsu village used to be called the poorest village in Japan, but the yearly income of the fishermen became JPY 20 million - 30 million because of the scallop. The scallop is great!


Scallop Is Poured with Soy Sauce
Grilled Scallops Skewers -Yumekukan in Sarufutsu-
2 Fleshes per 1 Skewer
Grilled Scallops Skewers -Yumekukan in Sarufutsu-
Thick Flesh
Grilled Scallops Skewers -Yumekukan in Sarufutsu-
Scallop Adductor. Tasty!
Grilled Scallops Skewers -Yumekukan in Sarufutsu-

Scallops Produced in Sarufutsu are found on Amazon.

Parking lot Parking is provided (140 Cars)
Business hours 09:00-17:30
Regular closing day Open all year round
Telephone number +81-1635-2-3433
Home page HHome page is here
Mapcode 680 591 232*62



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