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[Tatsumi in Bibai] Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl Topped with Bibai Yakitori


Yakitori Tatsumi (やき鳥 たつみ) is a popular yakitori shop in Bibai city located between Sapporo city and Asahikawa city, and is relatively near Bibai Station. The shop is well-known for serving Bibai Yakitori (美唄焼き鳥 * Baibai Grilled Chicken on a Skewer), and Mr. Masaaki Fujimoto (藤本 正明) established it in 1968. He trained his cooking skill at Mishima (三船), an originator of the Bibai Yakitori, and was under Mr. Fukutaro Mifune (三船 福太郎 * Father of the Bibai Yakitori)'s tutelage, and inherited Mifune's skill and taste. People can savor the taste. They basically sell the Bibai Yakitori to take away, but visitors can savor meals only at lunchime from 12:00 to 14:30 in the shop.

Appearance of Store
Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl -Tatsumi in Bibai-

The Bibai Yakitori consists of 2 types grilled chicken on a Skewer, a grilled boneless dressed chicken on a skewer (精肉串) and a grilled chicken giblets on a skewer (モツ串). It is an idea of Mottainai (もったいない) that they exhaustively use one chicken. In the Meiji period, a pair of chickens were supplied people settled down in Hokkaido by Japanese nation, and they bred those to survive themselves. I can imagine a valuable thing as a few property.

Movie of Bibai Yakitori

Famous tourist attractions in the Bibai are Miyajima Swamp (宮島沼) and ARTE PIAZZA BIBAI (アルテピアッツァ美唄) as well as Tomei Park and Bibai Onsen.

Cherry Blossoms of Tomei Park

Tomei Park (東明公園) is a comprehensive park in Bibai city between Sapporo city and Asahikawa city, and has Bibai Baseball Ground (美唄野球場)、Bibai Athletic Field (美唄陸上競技場), a tennis court, a park golf ground, Pipa-no-Yu Yurinkan (ピパの湯 ゆ~りん館), Furusatonomieruoka Obsevation Deck (ふるさとの見える丘展望台), a pond, Space Carillon Tower (スぺースカリヨン), public restrooms and parking lots. About 1,600 cherry trees such as Yezo Mountain Cherry Tree (エゾヤマザクラ) and Yoshino Cherry Tree (ソメイヨシノ), and about 5,000 azaleas are planted at the park. The Yoshino Cherry Trees are northern limit of cherry tree forest, and here is one of most famous good places to see the cherry blossoms in Sorachi district. The best time to see the cherry blossoms is about early May. The park is also well-known as a good place to see the azaleas, and the best time to see the azaleas is about from May to June. Admission free. The parking lots are free of charge. A road is closed from November to April. Article is here

Tunnel of Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms of Tomei Park in Bibai

Miyajima Swamp

Miyajima Swamp (宮島沼) is a small swamp in Bibai city located in the northeastern of Sapporo city and is the thirteenth wetland designed as the Ramsar Convention Wetland in Japan, and the perimeter of the swamp is about 2.7 km. It is famous as the largest and northernmost wild goose's temporary resting place in Japan. Migratory birds such as Wild Goose, Bean Goose, Whistling Swans come flying in a spring and an autumn, and 60,000 wild birds stay at the Miyajima Swamp, tops. The wild bird's silhouettes are cheered up by the morning sun with reddish light, and a scenery that the wild birds fly away (ねぐら立ち) is very mysterious. Actually, I was impressed very much. Article is here


Silhouettes Are Beautiful
Miyajima Swamp in Bibai

Bibai Onsen

Bibai Onsen (美唄温泉) is a hot spring place in Bibai city located in the northeastern part of Sapporo city. Only Pipa-no-Yu Yurinkan (ピパの湯 ゆ~りん館) is built on a small hill with a distant view of the Bibai at about 70 m above sea level. A park golf course is built on the site, too, there are a lot of athletic facilities such as a baseball field and a tennis court in the area. In addition, there is Tomei Park (東明公園) that is one of the 10 best places for cherry-blossom viewing in Hokkaido next to here, too. The distance is around 5 km away from the center of the Bibai, and restraunts, cafes, souvenir shops and convenience stores are not built near here. Article is here

View from Cave Bath
Bibai Onsen Pipa-no-Yu Yurinkan

Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl

The Tatsumi also serves Chicken Rice Bowl (鶏飯), Buckwheat Noodles Topped with Roasted Chicken Giblets (もつそば) and Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl (やきとり丼) as well as the Bibai Yakitori at the lunchtime. The shop is not so large, and only some tables are provided. I sat a table seat, and ordered the Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl Combo. The price was JPY 700. By the way, the Bibai Yakitori is one of the 7 most famous yakitori in Japan together with Muroran Yakitori (室蘭焼き鳥) in Hokkaido, Fukushima Yakitori (ふくしま焼き鳥) in Fukushima, Higashi-mastuyama Yakitori (東松山やきとり) in Saitama, Imabari Yakitori (今治焼き鳥) in Ehime, Nagato Yakitori (長門やきとり) in Yamagushi and Kuruma Yakitori (久留米やきとり) in Fukuoka.

Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl from Top
Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl -Tatsumi in Bibai-

About 10 minutes later, the Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl Combo was served. It contained a bowl of grilled chicken rice bowl, a bowl of soup, a dish of hiyayakko (cold tofu) and a dish of pickles. The rice was topped with grilled chickens, a fried egg and seasoned sliced onions with salty sweet sauce. It was like Oyako-don (親子丼), and the appearance looked tasty. When I ate the egg and the grilled chicken at same time, it was very mild. It was tasty! The Tofu was tasty, too. Thanks for the tasty meal!

Grilled Chicken
Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl -Tatsumi in Bibai-

Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl

Parking lot Parking lot is not provided
Business hours 11:00-21:00 (Lunchtime 12:00-14:30)
Regular closing day Tuesday * If Tuesday is a national holiday, they open a business.
Telephone number +81-126-63-4589
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 180 583 556*83



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