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This blog's name is "Good!Hokkaido!", and its concept is "Nature, Onsen, Tasty Foods and". I want non-Japanese or non-Hokkiado people to know amaging things and wonderful things in Hokkaido, so I mainly introduce articles about the nature, onsen and the tasty foods to them. Why did I intend to do something like that? If you are interested at my blog, I wish that you read as the following.

Nayoro Park
Nayoro Park
Shinjuku, Tokyo
Shinjuku Tokyo

I was born and raised in Nayoro City, Hokkaido, and used to work in Sapporo and Tokyo. In the Tokyo, My work was to create web content, and I experienced a creative director, a web designer and a HTML markup engineer. While I had been living in Kanagawa prefecture, I had never met any person that spoke badly about the Hokkaido. The Hokkaido received good reputation from them. But the Hokkaido was too far from the Tokyo, so I felt that tokyo people as if talking about other countries like Korea or Taiwan. Contrary to my expectations, there were a lots of Tokyo people that had never visited the Hokkaido. But even if they thought that the Hokkaido was like a foreign country, I guessed that nothing one could say because they could communicate with Hokkaido people in Japanese, and the Hokkaido had a high standard of public safety, and the foods were tasty, and the nature was beautiful. I thought that more tourists should visit the Hokkaido.


Because there were many chances to make web contents for the recruitment, I had an opportunity to attend an interview with a certain person in the travel industry, and ran across shocking words. He said "The travel industry based on peaceful". That was obvious, but it was a proof that it was peaceful. To hear his words, I came to mind the Hokkaido immediately. A lots of people came to the Hokkaido for sightseeing, and the Hokkaido had very idyllic atmosphere of the peace. I was proud of the Hokkaido that was suited to the peace very much.

A Certain Person in Travel Industry
Image of Interview

Now I returned to the Hokkaido, and I also find it attractive myself, and post a blog. Compared to other people living in the Hokkaido for ages, there are a lot of things I do not know. So I discover something new every day. "I didn't know" or "I want to go" and so on inspire me, and keep collecting Hokkaido's information. Through I experienced in living in non-Hokkaido, I write articles that I wanted to know among Roundup website, Wikipedia and blog, and mainly post a blog to the non-Hokkaido people.

Sea Urchin Rice Bowl of Isoyakitei
Sea Urchin Rice Bowl of Isoyakitei

About 6 years has passed since I wrote articles. My blog has no interested articles in particular. But some poeple visited the Hokkaido after reading those, or others wrote their blogs or articles with linked my blog after traveling to the Hokkaido, so I glad to increase a chance to visit the Hokkaido by a lots of people. Especially, a few English articles about the Hokkaido are on the internet, so oversea famous web media, famous bloggers, official tourism websites provide linked my url. So the number of people that are interested in the Hokkaido would increase according to that. I happy that more people are interested in the Hokkaido.

Image of Web Analytic

80% of blog visitors is Japan residents (Investigation by Jestpack in my blog). From my perspective, Hokkaido people and non-Hokkaido people are fifty-fifty. I feel happy that the Hokkaido people also see my blog. The rest of other blog visitors is that Taiwan residents, Singapore residents, Hong Kong residents are outstanding, and it seems that they are keenly interested in the Hokkaido. Then US residents, Malaysia residents, Thailand residents and so on follow big 3. Actually, a lot of English speaker Japan residents are unexpected discovery. Some English speakers also live in the Hokkaido, and I hope that my blog is useful for them.

The above is about page views of my blog last year (Investigation by Jestpack in my blog). PV is defferent every year, but its shape is almost same. From January to March, arciles related to ski resorts and snow festivals were in demand, but those as well as articles between November and December were not doing well. Although the Hokkaido in a winter attracts a lots of oversea people very much, I guess that most of Japanese might avoid the Hokkaido in the winter by cold. In April, a lot of people searched cherry blossoms in the Hokkaido, and overseas people were interested in those on the internet more than I had expected. From June to August, most of Japanese think that its period is the best season for travel to the Hokkaido, and they often search words related to tourist attractions and foods. From September to October, fall foliage in the Hokkaido was in demand. Onsen and foods had constant popularity through a year, and overseas people often searched words related to those. In addition, increasing the number of words to seach those is a very interesting if tousist attractions, onsen or tasty foods appeared in TV programs or Youtube. After reading my articles, I happy to encourage them to visit the Hokkaido or like the Hokkaido by my blog.

Skiing Area in Niseko
Skiing Area in Niseko

I learned economics in my undergraduate days, and think that the economy is revitalized if people move. First of all, I want more people to visit the Hokkaido. I think that it creates a virtuous cycle that Hokkaido people live comfortably, and tourists smile. The Hokkaido in the world far east has a lot of good charms such as the nature, the onsen, the tasty foods and so on. Everyone must come to the Hokkaido, and enjoy the charms by themselves if they have an interested in my blog's articles. The Hokkaido is looking forward to your visit.

Welcome to Hokkaido!

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I am from Nayoro, and used to live in Kushiro and Sapporo, and have been back Hokkaido after I lived in Kanagawa prefecture for 14 years again. Around 50-year-Japanese old boy mainly have released articles that I found nature, tourist attractions, onsen and foods in the Hokkaido to the non-Hokkaido people. I am bad English, so I apologize if you do not understand the meaning. Using photos are my photos, free images, various tourism associations’ photos and photos cited from official websites and so on. Reproduction of my photos and texts from within this site is prohibited.As for my photos, I used to provide those for profit, but I stop providing the photos now. Most of youtube movies belong to others, and I just share those on my blog.