• April 26th, 2015
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[Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden in Otofuke] Limited Garden Crepe


Ryugetsu (柳月) is a long-established confectionery store based in Otofuke town located in the northern part of Obihiro city, and has been estbalished by Mr. Hideya Tamura (田村 英也), the founder, in the Obihiro since 1947, and is well-known as the 2 most famous confectioneries in the Obihiro together with Rokkatei (六花亭). Sweetpia Garden (スイートピアガーデン) has been built in the Otofuke since 2001, and the head office functions moved to the Sweetpia Garden. It is a flagship shop with a factory, too. Branches and shops open a business in the Obihiro, the Otofuke, Makubetsu, Kushiro, Nakashibetsu, Sapporo, Ebetsu, Tomakomai, Muroran, Asahikawa, Kitami, Chitose, New Chitose Airport, Obihiro Airport, Hakodate Airport, Kushiro Airport, Asahikawa Airport, Memanbetsu Airport, Wakkanai Airport, Narita Airport, Singapore and so on. They serve about 300 types of confectioneries, and Sanporoku Cake (三方六), a long seller standard confectionery, is famous in particular. Meals are served at Toskachina Branch.

Appearance of Building
Garden Crepe -Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden in Otofuke-

My visited place is the Sweetpia Garden along National Route 241 this time, and it is near Otofuke Obihiro Inter Change. The building has 4 stories above ground and 1 story below ground, and its apperance looks like a western stately home. About 6 hundred thousand people come. A confectionery sales place, a shop, a cafe and a confectionery making experience studio are on the 1st floor, and popular scrap of Sanporoku (三方六の切れ端) is sold, too. But a line is expected. A factory is on the 2nd floor, and a passway for a plant tour is provided on the 3rd floor, so visitors can obsreve the factory along the passway freely.

Movie of Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden

Garden Crepe

They also serve sweets limited to the Sweetpia Garden only here. I planned to eat a garden crepe in those. I asked a shop clerk about sweets' recommendation at a cash register, so she replied to me "That is Garden Crepe with Orange Flavor (ガーデンクレープオレンジ風味)", and I ordered it immediately. The price was JPY 432. Visitors could use the cafe freely, so I decided to eat it at the cafe.

Garden Crepe with Orange Flavor
Garden Crepe -Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden in Otofuke-

The main feature was fresh fruit and plentiful cream. A sponge cake like a swiss roll was wrapped with a soft crepe. The Garden Crepe was not sweeter than it looks, so I had finished eating immediately. By the way, water, coffee and adzuki bean tea were available at self-service counter. I was happy about that. Thanks for the tasty crepe!


Garden Crepe from Top
Garden Crepe -Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden in Otofuke-
Soft Crepe
Garden Crepe -Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden in Otofuke-
Swiss Roll Inside ?
Garden Crepe -Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden in Otofuke-
Garden Crepe -Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden in Otofuke-
Contrary to Expectations, Not Too Sweet
Garden Crepe -Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden in Otofuke-
Parking lot Free parking is provided (200 cars)
Business hours From 3rd Monday in April to November 03 09:00-18:00
From November 04 to 3rd Sunday in April 09:00-17:00
Regular closing day Open all year round
Telephone number +81-120-25-5566
Home page Home Page is here
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