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[Wakadori Jidai Naruto in Otaru] Too Large Fried Half-cut Spring Chicken Is Tasty!

September 18th, 2014

Wakadori Jidai Naruto

Wakadori Jidai Naruto (若鶏時代なると) Head Office is a long-established restaurant run by Wakadori Jidai Naruto corp. in Inaho, Otaru city, and is relatively near Otaru Station. Mr. Torao Kurishima (栗嶌 寅男) established the restaurant in 1952. He was from Awaji Island (淡路島) in Hyogo prefecture, so the name of the restaurant was named after a whirling current in Naruto Strait (鳴門海峡). The Naruto is well-known for serving a Fried Half-cut Spring Chicken (若鶏の半身揚げ) called the comfort food of the Otaru for the first time in Hokkaido, and Otaru people have been using it as a regular restaurant for a long time. The Wakadori Jidai Naruto has only the head office, but they set New Nruto (ニューなると), Wakadori-no-Naruto (若鳥のなると) and Otaru Narutoya (小樽なると屋) up in the business.

Appearance of Building
Fried Spring Chicken Combo -Naruto in Otaru-

I heard about the Naruto from a photographer, my friend, that is from the Otaru, so I visited here with my niece around 13:00 on a weekday. Both the appearance and the interior decoration have an atomosphere such as a good old Japanese restraunt. 2-story building is large, and table seats and small separate Japanese style tables are provided, so I guess that even family customers enjoy meals. But the restaurant is crowded with customers at lunchtime.


Otaru (小樽) that 120,000 people live is the 9th largest port city in Hokkaido, and is located in the located in the northwestern part of Sapporo city. It takes about 30 minutes from the Sapporo to the Otaru by a train. The Otaru is one of most popular tourist cities in the Hokkaido, and about 8 million people visit here. It is also well-known as a city with a lot of slopes, and there are 30 slopes with its name, so the Otaru has a lot of slope lands, and has a lot of narrow roads. It is famous as a city with a lot of sushi restaurants, too, and more than 100 sushi restaurants open their businesses. Fresh seafood caught in the Sea of Japan facing the Otaru or caought in various places of the Hokkaido can be enjoyed. As for a climate, the Otaru has calm climate, it is cold in a summer, and it snow hard. The Otaru was called an inaccessible land in the old days because all transportation facilities paralyzed by a heavy snow. Article is here

Night View from Mt. Tenguyama

Fried Half-cut Spring Chicken

Because I heard from my friend that the Fried Hal-cut Spring Chicken was famous, I ordered the Fried Half-cut Spring Chicken Combo (若鶏定食). The price was JPY 1000. As for ordering, customers must paid money at a cash register before eating a meal. I think that it resembles Kamiya Bar in Asakusa, Tokyo. Except the Fried Half-cut Spring Chicken, they also serve Suishi, Rice Bowls and so on.


Fried Spring Chicken, Rice, Miso Soup, Tofu and Pickles
Fried Spring Chicken Combo -Naruto in Otaru-

About 10 minutes later, the Fried Half-cut Spring Chicken Combo was served. It contained a dish of the Fried Half-cut Spring Chicken, a bowl of Rice, a bowl of Miso Soup, a dish of Tofu and a dish of Pickles. As its name suggests, almost entirely chicken from neck down is deep-fried, so that is very large. I suppoused that its diameter was about 10 cm. The fried spring chicken was very large. Since I did not understand how to eat it, I disjointed it by my hands directly. The chicken meat seasoned with salt was tender, and was salted just right. I had enough, but I finished eating it deliciously. The chicken was quite hot, be careful about burns. Thanks for the tasty meal!

Just a Little Part
Fried Spring Chicken Combo -Naruto in Otaru-
Tender Meat with Saltiness Plainly
Fried Spring Chicken Combo -Naruto in Otaru-
Large Portion of Fried Spring Chicken
Fried Spring Chicken Combo -Naruto in Otaru-
Zangi Ordered by Niece. Juicy and Tasty
Fried Spring Chicken Combo -Naruto in Otaru-

Fried Spring Chicken Combo and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Moive of Fried Spring Chicken Combo

Parking lot Parking is provided (9 Cars)
Business hours 11:00-21:00
Regular closing day Irregular closing day
Telephone number +81-134-32-3280
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 164 719 685*80

A page of Otaru is here




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