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Nemuro Specialty Dish "Escalope"

July 2nd, 2014

Escalope (エスカロップ) is called popular name “ESCA (エスカ)”. The Escalope in Nemuro city is a local dish which is pork cutlet poured demiglace sauce on butter rice. Salad is added, and I am glad that it is considered health. A major industry of Nemuro is marine products industry. The escalope has much quantity of a meal for a fisherman and is the dish which was devised so that they are eaten quickly more.

Escalope -Dorian in Nemuro-

Originally the escalope was born in a Western food restaurant named Mont Blanc (モンブラン). It is “New Mont Blanc (ニューモンブラン)” and “Dorian (どりあん)” to have inherited the taste. It spreads explosively over Nemuro city from the New Mont Blanc and the Dorian, and is eaten now at approximately 10 restaurants. There are 2 kinds of escalopes. One is “Red ESCA (赤エスカ)” fried ketchup and rice. The other is “White ESCA (白エスカ)” used the butter rice. The White ESCA is mainstream now.


Escalope -Dorian in Nemuro-



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