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[Dorian in Nemuro] Tasty Escalope Depend on Tasty Demi-glace Sauce

July 7th, 2014


Meal and Cafe Dorian (食事と喫茶 どりあん) is Dorian (どりあん) is a popular coffee shop founded in 1969 in Nemuro city, and is near Nemuro Park (根室公園) and Aeon Nemuro Branch. The coffee shop is well-known for serving Escalope (エスカロップ) called the comfort food of the Nemuro. The escalope is a dish that demi-glace sauce is poured over deep-fried sliced pork cutlets on butter rice. Mr. Kinya Komura (古村欣也) trained his cooking skills in Tokyo and Kanagawa left for a chef of Restaurant Mont Blanc (レストラン「モンブラン」) in the Nemuro, and devised the dish localized from Escaloppini, an Italian food, for fishermen to be able to eat the meal with nutritious quickly. Mr. Katsutoshi Umeda (梅田勝利) was independent from the Restaurant Mont Blanc, and opened New Mont Blanc (ニューモンブラン). Mr. Bungo Kotaki (小滝文吾), the founder of the Dorian, trained his cooking skills at the New Mont Blanc was independent. The Dorian has served the Escalope and Oriental Rice (オリエンタルライス) inherited the original taste. A lot of tourists as well as local people come.

Stylish Appearance of Building
Escalope -Dorian in Nemuro-

The deep green appearance of the building stands out, and is like an atomosphere such as a western-style cafe. The interior decoration also has an atomosphere of a good old coffee shop. The coffee shop with counter seats and table seats is not so large, but a lot of the table seats are provided, so I guess that family customers also enjoy meals. Stately chairs and tables are comfortable, and a fireplace is also provided. By the way, As for tourists attractions in the Nemuro, Cape Nosappu, Lake Furen and Shunkunitai, Cape Ochiishi, Kurumaishi, Meiji Park, Cherry Blossom of Seiryuji Temple and Roadside Station Swan 44 Nemuro are relatively famous. Unfortunately, hot springs do not gush out in the Nemuro.

Cape Nosappu

Cape Nosappu (納沙布岬) is a cape in the eastern part of Nemuro city, and was named after "A place that the cape is like jutting out a chin" in Ainu language. As its name suggests, the cape is at the tip of Nemuro Peninsula, and is well-known as the easternmost tip in Japan mainland, and a lot of tourists come to view a scenery such as 4 northern islands (北方四島) and Shiretoko Peninsula (知床半島). The Cape Nosappu is also famous as a place to see the earliest morning sun in the Japan, and is crowded with visitors to watch the first sunrise on New Year's Day. First Sunrise of a New Year in Cape Nosappu (納沙布岬初日詣) is held in January 1. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. Article is here

Cape Nosappu
Cape Nosappu

Lake Furen

Lake Furen (風蓮湖) is a brackish water lake between Nemuro city and Bekkai town, and is the 3rd largest brackish water lake after Lake Saroma (サロマ湖) and Lake Notoro (能取湖) in Hokkaido, and has been designed as a wetland under Ramsar Convention since 2005, and was named after Furen River meant "A red river" in Ainu language. The perimeter of the lake is about 96 km, and the maximum depth is 11 m. The lake is famous for one of the largest sweetbrier colonies in Japan, and is well-known for watching White-tailed Sea Eagle and Steller's Sea-eagle in a winter. In addition, it is well-known as a paradise of deers around Hashirikotan (走古丹) in the north side of the lake. There are Shunkunitai (春国岱), Roadside station "swan 44 Nemuro (スワン44ねむろ)", Hashirikotan Primeval Flower Garden (走古丹原生花園) around the lake. A song of "Lake Furen" sung by Mr. Keishuke Yamauchi (山内恵介), a Japanese famous enka singer, uses here as a motif. By the way, a highway bus "Aurora-go (オーロラ号)" runs between the Nemuro and the Sapporo, and a highway bus "Limited Express Nemuro-go (特急ねむろ号)". Article is here

Lake Furen
Nemuro, Lake Furenko

Cape Ochiishi

Cape Ochiishi (落石岬) is a cape in the southwestern part of Nemuro city, and is one of the 3 major secret capes in Hokkaido together with Cape Ofuyu (雄冬岬) and Cape Chikyu (地球岬), and is about 20 km far away from the downtown of the Nemuro. There are Ochiishi Marshland (落石湿原), Ninoushichashi Ruins (ニノウシチャシ跡), Afuramoichashi Ruins (アフラモイチャシ跡) and Megane-rocks (眼鏡岩) near the Cape Ochiishi. The top of about 40 m altitude cliffs is relatively flat, and it is like Kiritappu (霧多布). Ochiishimisaki Lighthouse (落石岬灯台) that has been chosen as one of "50 Best Lighthouses in Japan" is built there, and only the lighthouse on the cliffs can be seen from the sea side, but a good scenery such as the lighthouse on the marshland from the land side can be enjoyed. Sakai Azalea that has been designed as a national nature treasure can be seen only here in Japan. The best season to see is about mid June. Admission free. A bio-toilet is built near an entrance of a gate. Article is here


Ochiishimisaki Lighthouse
Nemuro, Cape Ochiishi


Kurumaishi (車石) is strange shaped rocks under Hanasaki Lighthouse (花咲灯台) in the southernern part of Nemuro city, and is about 6 km away from the downtown of the Nemuro. The Hanasaki Lighthouse is built near an entrance of the Hanasaki Port (花咲港), and a foundatio of the lighthouse is made of scraggy basalt, and a part of those is the Kurumaishi. As for the Kurumaishi, Lava was cooled about 65 million years ago, and about 7.5 m width basalt developed radially, and it turned into the strange shaped rocks. It has been designated as a national monument since 1939. Because it looked like a shape of a wheel, It is also called wheel stone. * Kuruma means "a wheel or a tire" in Japanese, and ishi means "a stone or a rock" in Japanese. This case example is very rare in the world, and the Kurumaishi is one of the most famous radial joints in the world together with Ulleungdo Island (鬱陵島) in South Korea, and it seems to be valuable academically. The state covered with scraggy basalt is a strange view, and tourists can enjoy a mysterious scene. Around here is developed as a park, and a parking lot and a public restroom are built. Admission free. The parking lot is free of charge. Article is here

Nemuro, Kurumaishi


Nemuro (根室) that about 26,000 people live in is the 26th largest fishery city in Hokkaido, and one of regional hub cities of the East Hokkaido area, and is the easternmost port town in Japan. The Nemuro has 4 ports, Nemuro Port (根室港), Hanasaki Port (花咲港), Ochiishi Fishing Port (落石漁港) and Habomai Fishing Port (歯舞漁港), and it is famous for catching Hanasaki Crab (花咲ガニ) and Saury, and a catch of the saury is the largest in the Japan. As for a climate, the Nemuro faces the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pcific Ocean, so a wind blows hard. Average annual temperature is 6 degrees, and it is chilly in a summer, and it does not snow hard in a winter. Various things such as Cape Nosappu (納沙布岬) is the easternmost in the Japan, so visitors know the joy of the easternmost things in the Japan. It is a good point to see the earliest sunrise in the Japan, too. In addition, It is said that the Nemuro is famous for coming the last Cherry Blossom Front, and is one of latest cherry blossoming places in the Japan. Article is here

Fishing Boats Sail from Hanasaki Port
Nemuro, Kurumaishi


I visited here around 14:00 on a weekday. Only some customers sat at counter seats, and the coffee shop was not crowded. I sat at a table seat, and read a menu. The Oriental Rice was also tasty, but I wanted to eat the Escalope, so ordered it. The price was JPY 870.

Escalope from Top
Escalope -Dorian in Nemuro-

Afer waiting for about 10 minutes, the Escalope was served. The pork cutlet was put on the butter rice, and vegetables such as Broccoli and Tomato were put on a dish. Apparently, it was like a pork cutlet rice bowl. But I wondered if it looked some western dish since the dish was the bowl and the demiglace sauce was poured over the pork cutlet after all.

Unexpectedly, Light Taste Sauce
Escalope -Dorian in Nemuro-

I ate a bite of the Escalope. The taste was not oily than looks, and it was unexpectedly light taste. Sliced bamboo shoots in the butter rice had very nice texture. The demiglace sauce seems to be stewed for 1 week, and has been added to the sauce since inauguration, so I wondered if it might become rich taste. It was Tasty! By the way, it seems that most of restaurants serve about the same Escalope, But demiglace sauces of each restaurants are different.

Pork Cutlet
Escalope -Dorian in Nemuro-
Butter Rice
Escalope -Dorian in Nemuro-
Bamboo Shoots at Butter Rice
Escalope -Dorian in Nemuro-

Escalope and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Escalope

Parking lot Parking is provided (10 Cars)
Business hours 10:00-21:00
Regular closing day Tuesday * If Tuesday is a national holiday, the next day is a closing day.
Telephone number +81-153-24-3403
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Mapcode 423 580 489*13

A page of Nemuro is here




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