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Speaking of Crab in Hokkaido, Horsehair Crab, King Crab, Snow Crab, Hanasaki Queen Crab Are Famous

May 13th, 2014

Speaking of Hokkaido, many people will remember crabs. Horsehair crab, King crab, Snow crab and Hanasaki queen crab can be eaten. The king crab is caught in the Sea of Okhotsk. However, it is almost imported by Russia. Blue king crab is like the king crab and is said to be an imitation. However, it is tasty. The blue king crab is more reasonable than the king crab when I consider about those prices.

>How to Eat King Crab

How to Eat Blue King Crab

The horsehair crab has an imitation. That is helmet crab. But both are tasty. The difference between the horsehair crab and the helmet crab is only a taste of crab butter. The snow crab is different with deep red snow crab, too, and is sometimes said to be an imitation. Both are tasty. It will depend on individuals whether it is tasty.


How to Eat Horsehair Crab

How to Eat Snow Crab

I do not hear the imitation of the Hanasaki queen crab. This is called kombu queen crab and they live in kombu. Therefore kombu extract soaks into its body and it will be tasty. A crab is eaten as sashimi, but it has a parasitic worm. The crab is boiled with salt, and let’s eat it. When Japanese eat the crab, it is said that poeple become taciturn. People forget a conversation in an excessive taste.

Hanasaki Queen Crab



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