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[Daihachi Shokudo in Nemuro] Fried Crab Rice Using Hanasaki Crab Meat Lavishly

September 21st, 2015

Daihachi Shokudo

Crab Shop and Restraunt Daihachi Shokudo (かに屋めし屋 大八食堂) is a popular restraunt founded in 1972 in Hanasaki located in the southern part of Nemuro city, and is nearby Hanasaki Port, and is near Kurumaishi (車石). Daihachi corp. (株式会社ダイハチ) runs it, and Mr. Koichi Otani (大谷 亨一) is a company president. They sell boiled Hanasaki Crab (花咲蟹) in front of the restraunt, and are famous for eating the Hanasaki Crab at the restraunt. Banyameshi Hamakaze (番屋めし はまかぜ) is a sister restraunt, and serves set meals or rice bowls.

Appearance of Building
Crab Fried Rice -Daihachi Shokudo in Nemuro-
Boiled Hanasaki Crabs Are Sold at Restraunt
Crab Fried Rice -Daihachi Shokudo in Nemuro-

The restraunt is not so large, and looks like a a typical restraunt at a fishing port. Counter seats, table seats and a small separate Japanese style room are provided, so I guess that even family customers enjoy meals.

Look of Restraunt
Crab Fried Rice -Daihachi Shokudo in Nemuro-


Kurumaishi (車石) is strange shaped rocks under Hanasaki Lighthouse (花咲灯台) in the southernern part of Nemuro city, and is about 6 km away from the downtown of the Nemuro. The Hanasaki Lighthouse is built near an entrance of the Hanasaki Port (花咲港), and a foundatio of the lighthouse is made of scraggy basalt, and a part of those is the Kurumaishi. As for the Kurumaishi, Lava was cooled about 65 million years ago, and about 7.5 m width basalt developed radially, and it turned into the strange shaped rocks. It has been designated as a national monument since 1939. Because it looked like a shape of a wheel, It is also called wheel stone. * Kuruma means "a wheel or a tire" in Japanese, and ishi means "a stone or a rock" in Japanese. This case example is very rare in the world, and the Kurumaishi is one of the most famous radial joints in the world together with Ulleungdo Island (鬱陵島) in South Korea, and it seems to be valuable academically. The state covered with scraggy basalt is a strange view, and tourists can enjoy a mysterious scene. Around here is developed as a park, and a parking lot and a public restroom are built. Admission free. The parking lot is free of charge. Article is here

Nemuro, Kurumaishi


Nemuro (根室) that about 26,000 people live in is the 26th largest fishery city in Hokkaido, and one of regional hub cities of the East Hokkaido area, and is the easternmost port town in Japan. The Nemuro has 4 ports, Nemuro Port (根室港), Hanasaki Port (花咲港), Ochiishi Fishing Port (落石漁港) and Habomai Fishing Port (歯舞漁港), and it is famous for catching Hanasaki Crab (花咲ガニ) and Saury, and a catch of the saury is the largest in the Japan. As for a climate, the Nemuro faces the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pcific Ocean, so a wind blows hard. Average annual temperature is 6 degrees, and it is chilly in a summer, and it does not snow hard in a winter. Various things such as Cape Nosappu (納沙布岬) is the easternmost in the Japan, so visitors know the joy of the easternmost things in the Japan. It is a good point to see the earliest sunrise in the Japan, too. In addition, It is said that the Nemuro is famous for coming the last Cherry Blossom Front, and is one of latest cherry blossoming places in the Japan. Article is here


Fishing Boats Sail from Hanasaki Port
Nemuro, Kurumaishi

Crab in Hokkaido

Speaking of Hokkaido, it reminds a lot people of crab. Horsehair Crab (毛ガニ * Ke-gani), King Crab (タラバガニ * Taraba-gani), Snow Crab (ズワイガニ * Zuwai-gani), Hanasaki Queen Crab (花咲ガニ * Hanasaki-gani) and so on can be eaten. Fishing grounds are from the Sea of Okhotsk to the Pacific Ocean. Esashi (枝幸) is the most caching place of the Horsehair Crab in Japan, and Monbetsu (紋別) is the most caching place of the Snow Crab in the Japan, and Nemuro is the most caching place of the Hanasaki Queen Crab in the Japan. The King Crab is caught in the Sea of Okhotsk. But, it is almost imported by Russia. Oshamanbe, Hiroo and Omu are well-known as a crab town, too. In Kushiro, the Horsehair Crab and the Hanasaki Queen Crab are caught. Article is here

Boiled King Crab
King Crab

Crab Fried Rice

I visited here around 09:00 on a weekday. A customer already enjoyed his meal. I sat a counter seat, and read a menu. I wnated to eat a dishes using the Hanasaki Crab, and some crab dishes such as Crab Ramen (カニラーメン), Crab Starchy Sauce Rice Bowl (カニ中華丼), Crab Curry and Rice (カニカレーライス), and Fried Crab Rice (カニチャーハン) were founded on the menu. I ordered the Fried Crab Rice among theose dishes. The price was JPY 1000.

Crab Fried Rice
Crab Fried Rice -Daihachi Shokudo in Nemuro-

About 10 minutes later, the Fried Crab Rice was served with a dish of pickles and a bowl of crab miso soup. Rice and ingredients such as crab meat, egg and onion were stir-fried. The seasoned crab meat was tasty when I eat it without delay. I had finished eating it immediately. It was very tasty! By the way, I should have buy a Hanasaki crab, and should eat whole at the restraunt. I will eat a whole next time. Thanks for the tasty meal!

Crab Fried Rice Meat from Top
Crab Fried Rice -Daihachi Shokudo in Nemuro-
Crab Meat on Fried Rice
Crab Fried Rice -Daihachi Shokudo in Nemuro-
Crab Meat
Crab Fried Rice -Daihachi Shokudo in Nemuro-
Miso Soup with Hanasaki Crab
Crab Fried Rice -Daihachi Shokudo in Nemuro-

Crab Fried Rice and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Crab Fried Rice

Parking lot Free parking is provided (4 Cars)
Business hours Summer 08:00-17:00
Winter 09:00-16:00
Regular closing day Irregular closing day
Telephone number +81-153-25-3266
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 423 430 076*52

A page of Nemuro is here




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