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[Closed Business]Chinese Chirashi -Ajifuku in Obihiro-

June 29th, 2014

Ajifuku is a chinese restaurant in Obihiro city. I heard from my friend that Chinese Chirashi could be eaten, and I visited there. The Chinese Chirashi is a rice bowl dish in Obihiro from old days. Fried pork, vegetables and scrambled egg are put on rice, Because they scattered ingredients on the rice, si it was named. The chirashi means "scattering" in Japanese language. Originally it was staff meal. Because it was tasty, it adopted on a menu. There are some restaurants that cutomers can eat the Chinese Chirashi in Obihiro. Ajifuku is closing a business now. An article before closing is as follows.

Appearance of Building
Chinese Chirashi -Ajifuku in Obihiro-

I was surprised at the quantity first. The usually rice was 2 go (660grams) of steamed rice. A large portion of the rice seemed to be 1.5 times more. It resembles chukadon (rice bowl with chop-suey-like mixture on the rice), the differences between chukadon and chinese chirashi had little thickness and little salty-sweet taste. Because there was really much quantity, please be careful.


Chinese Chirashi from Top
 Chinese Chirashi -Ajifuku in Obihiro-
Pickled Red Ginger
 Chinese Chirashi -Ajifuku in Obihiro-
Fried Rice with Thick Sauce
 Chinese Chirashi -Ajifuku in Obihiro-

Chinese Chirashi and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Chinese Chirashi

A page of Obihiro is here




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