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[Cherry Merry in Sapporo] Baked Pudding Parfait of 30 cm Height Is Not Too Sweetness

May 27th, 2014

Cherry Merry

ELEVEN CAKE'S Cherry Merry (イレブンケーキズチェリーメリー) is a pouplar cake shop founded in 1993 in Kita ward, Sapporo city, and is near Hokkaido University (北海道大学) and Subway Nanpoku Line Kita 18jo Station (地下鉄南北線北18条駅). They serve about 20 types of cakes, baked confectioneries and parfaits. The green appearance is a mark. The shop is not so large, and all seats are table seats, so I guess that even family customers enjoy sweets.

Appearance of Building
Baked Pudding Parfait -Cherry Merry in Sapporo-

Movie of Cherry Merry

Hokkaido University

The Hokkaido University is a national university in Kita ward, Sapporo city, and is close to the Sapporo Station. Its common name is Hokudai (ほくだい). Its antecedent is Sapporo Agricultural College (札幌農学校). Dr. Clark, one of founders, and his words Boys be ambitious become well-known. The area is 1.77 million m2 in the center of the Sapporo, and the site looks like a national park with a lot of huge trees. A part of university grounds are open to the public, and visitors can look around. Central Lawn (中央ローン), Bust of Dr. Clark (クラーク博士の胸像), Elm Grove (エルムの森), Hokkaido University Museum (北海道大学総合博物館), Monument in Honor of Dr. Inazo Nitobe (新渡戸稲造博士顕彰碑), Ono Pond (大野池), Poplar Trees Lined Path (ポプラ並木) and Ginko Trees Lined Road (イチョウ並木) are famous. The university grounds are a long site that extends north to south, and stretches 4 subway stations, Subway Nanboku Line "Sapporo Station", Subway Nanboku Line "Kita-12jo Station", Subway Nanboku Line "Kita-18jo Station" and Subway Nanboku Line "Kita-24jo Station". In case of walking, I suppose that it takes 30-120 minutes on foot. Cherry blossoms can be enjoyed in a spring, and fresh green plants can be enjoyed in a summer, and fall foliage can be enjoyed in an autumn, and snow views can be enjoyed in a winter. Especially, in the summer, tourists can feel an idyllic impression in a scenery of green plants, the blue sky and school buildings. Article is here

Central Lawn
Hokkaido University in Sapporo


Sapporo (札幌) that about 1,960,000 people live is the largest city in Hokkaido. Although there are various theories, its origin of the name is "Dry Big River (乾いた大きな川)" in Ainu language. A population of the Sapporo is the 4th largest city after Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya in japan, and the population accounts for 36 % of Hokkaido's population! So the Sapporo has been flourished as the center of the Hokkaido. The area of the Sapporo is 1,121.26 km2, and is about as big as Hong Kong, and is the 7th largest city in the Hokkaido. The Sapporo is also famous as a tourist city, and about 15 million people come. As for a climate, it is hot that temperature rises to nearly 25 degrees in a summer, but it is easy to live without moisture. I always feel a little cool. It is cold that temperature falls to nearly -10 degrees in a winter, and amount of snowfall sometimes has more than 1 m. Article is here



Baked Pudding Parfait

I heard from my friend that their parfait was tasty, so I visited here to eat the parfait around 14:00 on a weekday. After asking a waitress about shop's recommendation, she replied me "I has always recommend Strawberry Parfait (ストロベリー) or Baked Pudding Parfait (焼きプリン) to a person that comes to the shop for the first time". Therefore I ordered the Baked Pudding Parfait. The price was JPY 700. While waiting at a table seat, 2 groups of female customers came, so I thought that the shop was popular with female after all.

Baked Pudding Parfait of About 30 cm Height
Baked Pudding Parfait -Cherry Merry in Sapporo-

About 5 minutes later, the Baked Pudding Parfait was served. That was bigger than I expected. I guessed that its height was about 30 cm. Ice cream, a baked pudding and sponge cakes were topped with fruits and fresh cream. I had a bite immediately. It was tasty! I enjoyed eating it because it was not too sweet. The sweetness of the ice cream went well with the sourness of the fruits. The baked pudding was a litle bitter, so it was a good accent. However, there was much quantity of the ice cream. Please be careful about headaches. Thanks for the tasty parfait!

Baked Pudding Parfait from Top
Baked Pudding Parfait -Cherry Merry in Sapporo-
Baked Pudding Parfait Topped with Various Fruits
Baked Pudding Parfait -Cherry Merry in Sapporo-
Baked Pudding
Baked Pudding Parfait -Cherry Merry in Sapporo-
Parking lot Free parking is not provided
Business hours 11:00-19:00
Regular closing day 1st and 3rd Wednesday, Thursday
Telephone number +81-11-716-6495
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 9 582 423*14

A page of Sapporo is here




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