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[Cape Notoro in Abashiri] Beautiful View Is Choosen as Shooting Place of Movie and Television Commercial

July 26th, 2014

Cape Notoro

Cape Notoro (能取岬) is a cape beside Utsukushi-misaki Ranch (美岬牧場) in the northwestern part of Abashiri city, and is close to Lake Notoro (能取湖). Notoromisaki Lighthouse (能取岬灯台) of about 21 m height is built to keep a safe voyage on cliffs of 40-50 m height. The cape is well-known for a beautiful scenery, and The blue sky, green grass and a blue sea are comfortable in a summer, and a lot of drift ice come in a winter, and the winter view can be enjoyed. In addition, a road to the cape looks like a road to the sea, and the view is popular. A parking lot and a public restroom are on the site. Admission free. The parking lot is free of charge. The restroom is closed in the winter.

Road Leads to Sea
Cape Notoro in Abashiri
Cape Notoro
Cape Notoro in Abashiri
Sea Is Covered with Drift Ice
Winter Cape Notoro in Abashiri

Movie of Cape Notoro

Chinese romantic comedy movie "If You Are the One" that Mr. Ge You and Ms. Shu Qi play the leading characters and Japanese movie "The Chef of South Polar (南極料理人)" that Mr. Masato Sakai (堺雅人), a famous actor, are used as a shooting place. In addition, that place was choosen as a shooting place for a television commercial, CM of Japan Airlines that Arashi, a famous Japanese idol group, appears. The road to the cape was choosen as a shooting place for a television commercial, CM of Toyota Prius that Mr. Hiroshi Abe (阿部寛), a famous Japanese actor, appears. It is a great place to be choosen as the shooting place by various movies or CM.

Movie of The Chef of South Polar

CM of Japan Airlines

CM of Toyota Prius

The Cape Notoro is about 10 km away from the center of the Abashiri city, and a restraunt, a cafe and a convenience store are not built around here. Ubaranai Coral Grass Colony (卯原内のアッケシソウ群生地), Lake Abashiri (網走湖) and Futastu-iwa Rocks (二つ岩) are relatively near here, too. A direct bus does not run between Sapporo or New Chitose Airport and here, but a express bus "Dollymint Okhotsk-go (ドリーミントオホーツク号)" runs between the Sapporo and the Abashiri.

List of Highway Bus

Refer to following a company for the highway bus service between the Abashiri and the Sapporo.

(Chuo Bus)中央バス From Sapporo to Abashiri
(Chuo Bus)中央バス From Abashiri to Sapporo

Ubaranai Coral Grass Colony

Ubaranai Coral Grass Colony (卯原内のアッケシソウ群生地) is a tourist attraction on the south beach of Lake Notoro (能取湖) in the western part of Abashiri city, and is well-known as the largest coral grass colony in Japan. In early September, the coral grass turns red, and the lakeshore is covered with red color. It was on the verge of extinction under the influence of soil improvement in the past, but it is recovered at present. The colony is in good condition on the lakeshore along a road from Okhotsk National Route (National Route 238) to Ubaranai Fishing Port (卯原内漁港). It is hard to find the road, so visitors should use Notoro-no-so Kagariya (能取の荘 かがり屋) in front of the colony as a landmark. A small restraunt, a public restroom and a parking lot are on the site. The best season to see the red coral grass is from early September to mid September. Admission free. The parking lot is free of charge. Lake Notoro Coral Grass Festival is held on Saturday and Sunday, early September. Article is here

Ubaranai Coral Grass Colony in Abashiri


Abashiri (網走) that about 40,000 people live is the 20th largest tourist city in Hokkaido, and is one of regional hub cities of the Northeastern Hokkaido area. It is also a fisheries city facing the Sea of Okhotsk, and Crab, Idiot Fish, Whale and Salmon are famous as a local specialty. As for a climate, it is chilly that temperature rises to nearly 25 degrees in a summer, and it is cold that temperature falls to nearly -5 degrees in a winter, and it does not snow hard, too. It may be said that the Abashiri is relativelly warm climate in the Hokkaido. The Abashiri is well-known for drift ice reaching to the coast, and is famous as a winter tourist spot, too, and is roughly divided into 2 areas, a old city area (a neighborhood of Abashiri River mouth) and a new suburbs area. The new suburbs area is more developed than the old city area, and has more restaurants than the old city area. Article is here

Drift Ice of Abashiri
Drift Ice from Mausuura View Point Parking in Abashiri

Drift Ice Spots and Drift Ice Cruise

In Japan, Drift ice appears only from January to March, and can be enjoyed only along the Sea of Okhotsk and a part of Pacific Ocean. The sea is covered with the drift ice from the shoreline of Monbetsu to Shiretoko Peninsula, and it is amazing view! It may be said that you must see the amazing view once. Hokkaido has 3 towns called "Monbetsu", Monbetsu (紋別) along the sea of the Okhotsk, Date Monbetsu (伊達紋別) along the Pacific Ocean and Monbetsu (門別) along the Pacific Ocean. In those Monbetsu, a place to view the drift ice is the Monbetsu (紋別) along the sea of the Okhotsk, and the Monbetsu, Abashiri (網走), Koshimizu (小清水), Shari (斜里) and Rausu (羅臼) have some drift ice spots. Tourists can enjoy the drift ice on the shore, and also enjoy it as the drift ice cruise on the sea. Unfortunately, global warming cause decreasing the drift ice recently, but you may see wild animals such as Earless Seal and Steller's Sea-eagle on the drift ice if you are lucky. Article is here

Sheet of Drift Ice Zone
Drift Ice and Garinkogo2 in Monbetsu

Cape Notoro in Summer and Winter

Around the lighthouse, the green grass is like a park. A gazebo and benches are built to enjoy in a picnic-like atmosphere, too. The Lake Notoro and the Sea of Okhotsk can be viewed along the cliffs. Tower of Okhotsk (オホーツクの塔) is built on the site, too, and it takes about 10 minutes from here to there on foot. Shiretoko Mountain Range and the Sea of the Okhotsk can be seen there. In the summer, the green grass and the blue Sea of the Okhotsk spread over in front of eyes, and a sense of openness is very good. I think this place is one of places to feel coming to Hokkaido.

Notoromisaki Lighthouse. Stylish Two-tone Color
Cape Notoro in Abashiri
Tower of Okhotsk
Cape Notoro in Abashiri

I Look at Lake Notoro Side

Cape Notoro in Abashiri
I Look at Shiretoko Side
Cape Notoro in Abashiri

Atmosphere of Cape Notoro Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Cape Notoro

In the winter, the cape is surrounded by the drift ice, so a fantastic scenery spreads over. Sounds of the drift ice bonking against the drift ice and waves can be heard if you strain your ears. Chilly winds blow on the cape, so it is very cold! Therefore, tourists may feel like the fantastic scenery. In addition, it is easy to walk on the ground with less snow.


Drift Ice Can Be Seen from Road to Cape Notoro
Winter Cape Notoro in Abashiri
Look of Site
Winter Cape Notoro in Abashiri
I Look at Direction of Lake Notoro
Winter Cape Notoro in Abashiri
Some Tourists Come
Winter Cape Notoro in Abashiri
Fantastic Scenery
Winter Cape Notoro in Abashiri
Winter Notoromisaki Lighthouse
Winter Cape Notoro in Abashiri
Winter Cape Notoro in Abashiri
Drift Ice Float on Waves
Winter Cape Notoro in Abashiri

Atmosphere of Drift Ice and Cape Notoro in Winter Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Drift Ice and Cape Notoro in Winter

Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Free parking is provided (50 cars)
Business hour Open 24 hours
Regular closing day Open all year round
Telephone number +81-152-44-6111
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 991 104 011*38

List of Accommodations

Refer to following websites for the accommodations around the Cape Notoro. You can get information regarding online reviews and photos.

Abashiri Royal Hotel(網走ロイヤルホテル)
Hotel Route-Inn Abashiri Ekimae(ホテルルートイン網走駅前)
Abashiri Central Hotel(網走セントラルホテル)
Dormy Inn Abashiri(ドーミーイン網走)
Hokkai Hotel(北海ホテル)
Abashiri Hotel Okhotsk Inn(網走ホテル オホーツク・イン)
Toyoko Inn Hokkaido Okhotsk Abashiri Ekimae(東横インオホーツク・網走駅前)
Abashiri Green Hotel(網走グリーンホテル)
Abashiri Ryuhyou-no-Oka Youth Hostel(網走流氷の丘ユースホステル)
Hotel Sun Abashiri(ホテルサンアバシリ)
Minshuku Lamp(民宿ランプ)

A page of Abashiri is here




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