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Suitable Combination of Tasty Sauce and Fresh Beef -Tamura in Bihoro-

April 1st, 2015

Meat Restaurant Tamura (肉割烹の田村) is a famous barbecue restaurant in Bihoro town located in the east part of Kitami city. They opened a butcher in 1927 and opened a barbecue restaurant in 1977. The butcher still have been in business near the barbecue restaurant, too. Speaking of Bihoro, it is well known so as to be said to be Tamura. Because my friend recommended me that their meat was tasty, I visited here at 17:00 on weekdays.

Appearance of Building
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-

The appearance of the building was large and magnificent. It had an expensive-looking atmosphere. I read a menu when I took a table at once. Then a price was not high unexpectedly, too. I ordered Sutaminayaki combo (スタミナ焼きセット * assortment of 1st Stomach, Beef Tongue, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Innards and Vegetables) for reasonable price. The price was JPY 1980. There was a large portion of beef for two or three. I ordered a non-alcoholic beer, too.

Assortment of 1st Stomach, Beef Tongue, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Innards and Vegetables
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-

Approximately 10 minutes later, presented beef on a plate was served. I spreaded a fatty meat over a gridiron, and I put the beef with tongs on the gridiron. Because beef had begun to be roasted in approximately 3 minutes, I dipped the beef in the sauce and ate the beef. What a tasty beef! It was natural to be tasty because beef was fresh, but this sauce was tasty, too. I had another dish of sauce. They have branch stores in Tokyo and Sapporo, and the taste of the sauce seems to be different each branch stores, too. A suitable combination of the tasty sauce and the fresh meat is a popular secret.


Fatty Meat
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-
I Spread Fatty Meat over Gridiron so That Beef Is Not Stuck to Gridiron
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-
Beef Is Grilling in Tasty Way
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-
Bolied Beef Innards
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-
Bolied Beef Heart
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-
Bolied 1st Stomach
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-
That Was Tasty
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-

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Broiled Pig Innards and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Broiled Pig Innards

Parking lot Free parking is provided (50 Cars)
Business hours Weekday 11:30-14:30 and 16:30-22:00
Saturday, Sunday, and National holiday 11:30-22:00
Regular closing day Irregular closing day
Telephone number +81-152-73-5008
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 185 568 782*14



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