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[Tamura in Bihoro] Suitable Combination of Tasty Sauce and Fresh Beef

April 1st, 2015


Niku Kappou Tamura (肉割烹の田村) is a popular barbecue restaurant based in Bihoro town located in the east side of Kitami city. Tamura Seinikuten corp. (株式会社 田村精肉店) runs it. They have started a business as a butcher since 1927, and also have opened a barbecue restaurant since 1977. A butcher manages a barbecue restaurant, so meat are tasty. The head office of the barbecue restaurant is in the Bihoro, and the butcher is also close to the barbecue restaurant. Speaking of the Bihoro, the Tamura is very famous. Some branches open a business in Sapporo and Tokyo Marunouchi.

Appearance of Building
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-

The building with a huge delta roof stands out, and the interior decoration has an atmosphere such as a typical Japanese style family restaurant. The ceiling is high, and the building is spacious, so it is comfortable. Counter seats, table seats and small separate Japanese style rooms are provided, so I guess that even family customers and a large number of customers enjoy meals. But lunchtime and dinnertime are crowded with customers, so you had better make a reservation beforehand.

Broiled Beef Innards

Since my friend recommended to me that their meat was tasty, I visited here at 17:00 on a weekday. The appearance of the building was large and magnificent, so it had an expensive-looking atmosphere. I read a menu after sating a table seat. Prices of dishes were not high unexpectedly, too. I ordered Sutaminayaki Assorted Meats (スタミナ焼きセット *1st Stomach, Beef Tongue, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Innards and Vegetables) with a reasonable price. The price was JPY 1980. A large portion of beef were served for two or three people. I ordered a non-alcoholic beer, too.

Assortment of 1st Stomach, Beef Tongue, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Innards and Vegetables
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-

About 10 minutes later, beautifully presented beef and vegetables on a plate was served. After spreading a fatty meat over a toasting net, I put the beef with tongs on the a toasting net. About 3 minutes later, the beef begun to be grilled. I dipped the beef in the sauce, and ate the beef. It was very tasty! It was quite natural that fresh beef was tasty because they were a butcher. In addition, the sauce was very tasty in particular, too. I asked a maneger why the sauce was delicious. He replied to me that their sauce was not tare (タレ) but elaborate sauce. I could not help getting a refill. The taste of the sauce was different depending on branches in the Sapporo and the Tokyo. I saw that a suitable combination of the tasty sauce and the fresh meat was a popular secret. Thanks for the tasty meal!


Fatty Meat
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-
I Spread Fatty Meat over Gridiron so That Beef Is Not Stuck to Toasting Net
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-
Beef Is Grilling in Tasty Way
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-
Bolied Beef Innards
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-
Bolied Beef Heart
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-
Bolied 1st Stomach
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-
That Was Tasty
Bihoro, Broiled Beef Innards -Tamura-

Broiled Pig Innards and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Broiled Pig Innards

Parking lot Free parking is provided (50 Cars)
Business hours 11:30-14:30 and 17:00-21:00
Regular closing day Irregular closing day
Telephone number +81-152-73-5008
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 185 568 782*14



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