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Great Kotaro Stones -Biratori Onsen-

May 11th, 2014

Welfare Center for Elderly

Welfare Center for Elderly was closed down. This is an article before closing. Now, Yukara opnes a business near a building.

Biratori Onsen is a public bath in Biratori town located in southeastern part of Sapporo city. The Biratori Onsen Welfare Center for Elderly is one of facilities in Nibutani familyland park, and there are the facilities such as a park golf course, an automatic camping ground and a tennis court. In addition, there is Nibutani Dam and Ainu Culture Museum near the park and this is the place related with Ainu culture.

Nibutani Familyland Park
biratori onsen Welfare Center for Elderly

A bathhouse with an octagonal building is divided the bathhouse for men into the bathhouse for women. Sex segregated bathing. The bathtub is an iwaburo (bathtub surrounded by Kotaro-stones that is mined only in Biratori). There are 2 indoor baths, the large indoor bath is the size that about 20 people take a bath, and the small indoor spa is a whirlpool bath. Hot springs poured into the bathtubs dynamically. By the way, shampoos and body soaps are provided at the bathhouse.

Indoor Bath
biratori onsen Welfare Center for Elderly
Bathtub Surrounded of Kotaro Stones
biratori onsen Welfare Center for Elderly

Atmosphere of Biratori Onsen Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Biratori Onsen

Types of Hot Springs Simple cold spring (Type:Neutral, Osmotic Pressure:Low, Spring Temperature Type:Cold spring)
Water temperature of Hot Spring Source 14.5 C
ph 6.9
Contraindications Acute disease(when there is the heat in particular), Active tuberculosis, Malignant tumor, Severe heart disease, Respiratory failure, Renal insufficiency, Hemorrhagic disease, High anemia, Other diseases during condition of a patient progress generally
Indications of drinking Not drinking
Facilities Indoor bath(2). * Sex-Segregated Bathhouse.
Entrance fee to the bath facility Adult: JPY 500. Child: JPY 200.
Business hours 10:00-21:00
Regular closing day Every Monday
Parking lot A free parking is provided (200 cars)
Telephone number +81-1457-2-3280
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 442 830 040*55