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Rich Taste Miso Ramen Is Popular -Furuki in Asahiakwa-

October 5th, 2014

Furuki (ふるき) is a popular ramen restaurant in Midorigaoka, Asahikawa city. There is a building at residential area, a lot of people gathered around only the ramen restaurant. I visited here around 13:30 on weekdays, but there were many preceding visitor. When I asked a waitress, she replied that I must wait for approximately 20 minutes before I enter it. Therefore I finished an order and decided to wait at my car. After asking her about restraunt's recommendation, she replied "Miso Broth Butter Ramen (味噌バターラーメン)". I ordered it and returned to my car. The price was JPY 900. While I was waiting in my car, visitors came one after another. There were many foreigner visitors, too.

Appearance of Building
Miso Broth Butter Ramen -Furuki in Asahikawa-
Miso Broth Butter Ramen from Top
Miso Broth Butter Ramen -Furuki in Asahikawa-

Approximately 15 minutes later, my name was called by the waitress and sat at a counter seat. Approximately 5 minutes later, the miso butter ramen was served. Ingredients were a roasted pork fillet, bamboo shoots, green onions, fried bean sprouts, ground pork and a butter. There was much quantity. The noodles were made by Asahikawa Making-Noodle Factory and had a chewy texture.


Noodles Are Made by Asahikawa Making-Noodle Factory
Miso Broth Butter Ramen -Furuki in Asahikawa-
Thick Slice Roasted Pork Fillet
Miso Broth Butter Ramen -Furuki in Asahikawa-
Bamboo Shoot
Miso Broth Butter Ramen -Furuki in Asahikawa-

When I had soup at once, spicy, salty and sweet taste spread over in my mouth. It tasted salty, but I felt sweetness such as an apple. The rich taste increased still more when I melted butter into the soup. I drank up the soup after all. Then an owner said "Thank you for eating up". This ramen restaurant had a hospitality. By the way, they prepared for closing the restraunt because the soup of the ramen ran out while I was eating. I was glad that I ate the miso butter ramen in time.

Salty and Sweet Soup
Miso Broth Butter Ramen -Furuki in Asahikawa-
Name of Furuki is Written on Bowl
Miso Broth Butter Ramen -Furuki in Asahikawa-

Miso Broth Butter Ramen and Atmosphere of Ramen Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Miso Broth Butter Ramen

Parking lot Free parking is provided (15 Cars)
Business hours Weekdays 11:00-15:00
Saturday and Sunday 10:30-15:00
* They close a restraunt if soup runs out
Regular closing day Monday and Tuesday
Telephone number +81-166-65-1207
Home page Home Page is here
Mapcode 79 255 023*88

A page of Asahikawa is here




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