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Chidori-Karaage-Teishoku (Deep-Fried Chickens Combo) with Tasty Salt, Crispy Breading as Covering for Fried Chicken and Tender Chichen -Onoki in Asahikawa-

February 14th, 2016

Chicken Meals Onoki (鶏料理 小野木) is a long-established Japanese restaurant and was founded in 1922. This restraunt was placed in MICHELIN GUIDE Hokkaido 2012 Special Edition. There is a building in Higashi-Asahikawa near Asahiyama zoo (旭山動物園). I heard that the chicken dish named this restraunt was tasty and visited here.

Appearance of Building
Chicken Dish -Onoki in Asahikawa-

I visited here around 16:00 on national holiday. The building had a atomosphere such as Japanese restaurant. Takeda bishi (武田菱 * the crest of the Takeda family) and Japanese doll (和風小物) were displayed at the restraunt. There was not othet visitor and I sat at a raised tatami-floored seating. I read a menu at once. A chicken hot pot (鶏鍋) and a shinkoyaki (新子焼き * grilled young chicken) seemed to be popular, but I oredered Chidori-karaage-teishoku (千鳥揚げ定食 * deep-Fried chickens combo). The price was JPY 950.

Look of Restraunt
Chicken Dish -Onoki in Asahikawa-
Japanese Sumo Wrestler Signed Autographs
Chicken Dish -Onoki in Asahikawa-
Deep-Fried Chickens Combo from Top
Chicken Dish -Onoki in Asahikawa-

Approximately 15 minutes later, the deep-fried chickens combo was served. The deep-fried chickens were large about the size of a fist used in playing baseball. First, I ate the deep-fried chicken without putting salt. A breading as a covering for fried chicken had a crunchy texture like Ebisen (えびせん), local specialty of Aichi Prefecture. The chicken was a tender chop chicken with pink color and was very tasty. In addtion, I was surprised at salt. I ate only salt, but that was not too salty. Perhaps the salt was mixed deep-fried tempura batter, and I think it is a nice idea. Rice with salt was tasty, too.


Deep-Fried Chickens
Chicken Dish -Onoki in Asahikawa-
Tasty Salt
Chicken Dish -Onoki in Asahikawa-
I Put A Touch of Salt on Deep-Fried Chicken
Chicken Dish -Onoki in Asahikawa-
Salt on Deep-Fried Chicken
Chicken Dish -Onoki in Asahikawa-
Pink Chicken
Chicken Dish -Onoki in Asahikawa-
Chicken Dish -Onoki in Asahikawa-

Deep-Fried Chickens Combo and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Deep-Fried Chickens Combo

Parking lot Free parking is provided (8 cars)
Business hours 11:00-22:00
Regular closing day Tuesday, Third Monday
Telephone number +81-166-36-1146
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 79 383 200*58

A page of Asahikawa is here




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