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[Akankohan Lookout in Kushiro] One of Best Views of Lake Akan

Akankohan Lookout

Akankohan Lookout (阿寒湖畔展望台) is a viewing point in the south side of the Akanko Onsen Resort. The distance is around 3 km away from the center of the Akanko Onsen Resort, and the lookout is built at about 530 m above sea level to overlook Lake Akan on a slope of Akankohan Ski Resort (阿寒湖畔スキー場). It is a lookout from June to November, and it turns into the ski resort from December to March. The lookout and a parking lot are on the site. The mountainside can be reached by car. It takes about 3 minutes from the parking lot to the lookout on foot. Admission free. The parking lot is free of charge.

Mt. Oakandake and Lake Akan
Akankohan Lookout in Kushiro
Parking Lot and Lookout on Far Side
Akankohan Lookout in Kushiro
Akankohan Ski Resort
Akankohan Lookout in Kushiro

Movie of Akankohan Ski Resort

Akanko Onsen

Akanko Onsen (阿寒湖温泉) is a hot-spring resort in the south side of Lake Akan (阿寒湖) located between Kushiro city and Abashiri city, and is the largest hot-spring resort in Eastern Hokkaido, and is a base for sightseeing of Akan Mashu Natioanl Park (阿寒摩周国立公園), and 1.5 million people visit here annually. It has a long history, and Ainu people had already used hot springs in 1858. After that, it is said that the origin of the Akanko Onsen is that a ryokan was built in 1912. About 20 accommodations are built at the Akanko Onsen, and huge buildings catch people's eyes. Maeda-Ippoen Foundation (前田一歩園財団) owns almost lands and the hot springs of the Akanko Onsen, and provides the hot springs gushed from 13 hot spring sources to hot spring facilities and private houses. Without mixing the hot springs gushed out from 13 hot spring sources, the hot springs are slightly different depending on the hot spring facilities. Therefore, visitors can enjoy difference in the hot springs at various hot spring facilities. By the way, the largeest Ainu Kotan (アイヌコタン) in Hokkaido is formed thanks to Mrs. Mitsuko Maeda (前田光子), the 3rd-generation president of the Maeda-Ippoen Foundation. Article is here

Ferry, Akan-Kohan Onsen in Kushiro

Lake Akan

Lake Akan (阿寒湖) is a caldera lake in the northern part of Kushiro city, and the Akan means "Immovable" in Ainu language. In Akan Mashu National Park, the perimeter of the lake is about 25.9 km. The maximum water depth is 45 m. The lake is well-known for growing Lake Ball (Marimo). Old Lake Akan was dammed by eruptions of Mt. Oakandake (雄阿寒岳) 10,000 years ago, and 3 lakes, the Lake Akan, Lake Panketo (パンケトー) and Lake Penketo (ペンケトー) were born. Trees such as Yezo spruce, Abies sachalinensis, Painted maple and Mongolian oak grow naturally around the lake, and the lake side is covered with the primeval forest. 24 types of wild animals such as Brown bear and Yezo deer and 65 types of wild birds such as Black woodpecker inhabit, and the lake has been designed as a wetland under the Ramsar Convention since 2005. Around the Lake Akan, there are Takiguchi (滝口) that is famous for a beauty spot of fall foliage, Akankohan Lookout (阿寒湖畔展望台 * Akankohan Ski Resort) with a good view, Lake Onneto (オンネトー), Mt. Oakandake (雄阿寒岳), Mt. Meakandake (雌阿寒岳), Sokodai Lookout (双湖台) and Sogakudai Lookput (双岳台). Article is here

Lake Akan
Lake Akan


A observation deck is not built on the mountainside, but the field of vision is widely opened to see Mt. Oakandake (雄阿寒岳) and the Lake Akan by a ski course. As far as I know , there are few places to see the Lake Akan from a high place, so here is one of the best views of the Lake Akan. In a summer, a conbination of fresh green, the Lake Akan and the Mt. Oakandake is beautiful, fall foliage is amazing in an autumn, and a snow view is great in a winter, too.

View from Akankohan Lookout
Akankohan Lookout in Kushiro
Akankohan Lookout in Kushiro
Changed Primal Forest
Akankohan Lookout in Kushiro
Lake Akan
Akankohan Lookout in Kushiro
Autumn Mt. Oakandake and Lake Akan
Akankohan Lookout in Kushiro
Akankohan Ski Resort
Akankohan Lookout in Kushiro

Atmosphere of Akankohan Lookout Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Akankohan Lookout

Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Free parking is provided (5 Cars)
Business hours May 09:00-17:00, From June to September 07:00-18:00
Regular closing day It become sking area in a winter
Telephone number +81-154-67-3200
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 739 310 582*31

List of Accommodations

Refer to following websites for the accommodations around the Akankohan Lookout. You can get information regarding online reviews and photos.


Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings(あかん湖 鶴雅ウィングス)
Akan Yuku-no-Sato Tsuruga(阿寒悠久の里鶴雅)
New Akan Hotel(ニュー阿寒ホテル)
Hotel Akankoso(ホテル阿寒湖荘)
Akan-no-Mori Tsuruga Resort Hanayuuka(阿寒の森 鶴雅リゾート花ゆう香)
Akan Tsuruga Besso Hinanoza(あかん鶴雅 別荘 鄙の座)
La Vista Akangawa(カムイの湯 ラビスタ阿寒川)  
Onsen Minshuku Ryougoku(温泉民宿 両国)
Hoyuso(芳友荘) Only Tel:+81-154-67-2728
Hachiya Ryokan(八谷旅館) Only Tel:+81-154-67-2747
Hotel Gozensui(ホテル御前水)
Onsen Minshuku Yamaguchi(温泉民宿山口)
Onsen Minshuku Kiri(温泉民宿 桐)
Business Hotel Matsuoka(ビジネスホテルまつおか)

A page of Akan Mashu National Park is here

Akan Mashu National Park

A page of Kushiro is here




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