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[Grand Glacier in Abashiri] Abashiri Chanpon with Rich Umami

April 24th, 2015

Abashiri Central Hotel

Abashiri Central Hotel is a hotel founded in 1972 in Abashiri city, and is located between Abashiri Station and Roadside Station Ryuhyo Kaido Abashiri (道の駅 流氷街道網走). Grand Glacier (グラン グラシェ), a restaurant, has opened a business at the hotel, and serve Abashiri Chanpon (網走ちゃんぽん) and Abashiri Zanki Rice Bowl (網走ザンギ丼), local specialities in the Abashiri, and Lunch Buffet is also popular. The restaurant is large, and all seats are table seats, so I guess that even family customers also enjoy meals.

Look of Restraunt
Abashiri Chanpon -Grand Glacier-
Look of Restraunt
Abashiri Chanpon -Grand Glacier-

List of Highway Bus

Refer to following a company for the highway bus service between the Abashiri and the Sapporo.

(Chuo Bus)中央バス From Sapporo to Abashiri
(Chuo Bus)中央バス From Abashiri to Sapporo


Abashiri (網走) that about 40,000 people live is the 20th largest tourist city in Hokkaido, and is one of regional hub cities of the Northeastern Hokkaido area. It is also a fisheries city facing the Sea of Okhotsk, and Crab, Idiot Fish, Whale and Salmon are famous as a local specialty. As for a climate, it is chilly that temperature rises to nearly 25 degrees in a summer, and it is cold that temperature falls to nearly -5 degrees in a winter, and it does not snow hard, too. It may be said that the Abashiri is relativelly warm climate in the Hokkaido. The Abashiri is well-known for drift ice reaching to the coast, and is famous as a winter tourist spot, too, and is roughly divided into 2 areas, a old city area (a neighborhood of Abashiri River mouth) and a new suburbs area. The new suburbs area is more developed than the old city area, and has more restaurants than the old city area. Article is here

Drift Ice of Abashiri
Drift Ice from Mausuura View Point Parking in Abashiri

Abashiri Chanpon

In the Abashiri facing the Sea of Okhotsk, the Abashiri Chanpon is selected as a local specialty, and can be eaten at some restaurants, and the Grand Glacier is one of those. So I visited here to eat the Abashiri Chanpon. A waitress shown my table seat, and I sat at that, and ordered the Abashiri Chanpon that I craved. The price was JPY 831.

Ingredients Are Vegetables and Sea Foods
Abashiri Chanpon -Grand Glacier-

Abashiri people cooperated with Obama Chanpon (小浜ちゃんぽん) in Nagasaki, the home of the Chanpon, and it was born. Features of the Obama Chanpon are light soup, a lot of vegetables and seafood, and straight noodles. The Abashiri Chanpon is cooked from ingredients produced in Abashiri instead of the Obama Chanpon. They have some rules and regulations to name a dish as the Abashiri Chanpon. Their soup bases on the soup broth of the Obama Chanpon, and ingredients use seafood caught in the Sea of Okhotsk and food produced in the Abashiri, and the noodles use noodles made by Takenaka Making-Noodles Factory only for the Abashiri Chanpon. Restaurants compete with each other, and different Abashiri Chanpon are born. You might as well eat those at different restaurants.


Abashiri Chanpon from Top
Abashiri Chanpon -Grand Glacier-

About 10 minutes later, the Abashiri Chanpon was served. The soup has Umami. I took a sip of the soup. It was light taste and full of the umami, and it was tasty! It had a lot of ingredients, and was filling. One of highlights is a ramen bowl. In fact, Prisoners of Abashiri Prison make the ramen bowl, and the ramen bowl seems to be hand-made one by one. They are particular about Abashiri production in various ways. Thanks for the tasty meal!

Abashiri Chanpon -Grand Glacier-
Abashiri Chanpon -Grand Glacier-
Noodles Are Made by Takenaka Making-Noodles Factory
Abashiri Chanpon -Grand Glacier-
Abashiri Chanpon -Grand Glacier-
Fried Fish Cake
Abashiri Chanpon -Grand Glacier-
Soup Has Umami Very Much
Abashiri Chanpon -Grand Glacier-
Ramen Bowl Is Made by Abashiri Prison
Abashiri Chanpon -Grand Glacier-

Abashiri Chanpon and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Abashiri Chanpon

Parking lot Parking is provided (60 Cars)
Business hours 11:30-14:00, 17:00-20:30
Regular closing day Open all year round
Telephone number +81-152-44-5151
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 305 677 246*37

A page of Abashiri is here




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