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手打ちそば伊とうは、根室市の北西方面に位置する中標津町の有名そば店。伊東 裕之氏が店主を務め、2008年に開業しました。中標津バスターミナルが近いです。ミシュランガイド北海道2012特別版で一つ星を獲得したお店として知られています。店内はモダンな雰囲気。カウンター席とテーブル席があるので、家族連れでも食事が楽しめるでしょう。

ごぼう天そばと山わさびご飯 -中標津の伊とう-
ごぼう天そばと山わさびご飯 -中標津の伊とう-



Buckwheat Noodles of Hokkaido



ごぼう天そばと山わさびご飯 -中標津の伊とう-


ごぼう天そばと山わさびご飯 -中標津の伊とう-
ごぼう天そばと山わさびご飯 -中標津の伊とう-



ごぼう天そばと山わさびご飯 -中標津の伊とう-
ごぼう天そばと山わさびご飯 -中標津の伊とう-
ごぼう天そばと山わさびご飯 -中標津の伊とう-
ごぼう天そばと山わさびご飯 -中標津の伊とう-
ごぼう天そばと山わさびご飯 -中標津の伊とう-
ごぼう天そばと山わさびご飯 -中標津の伊とう-
ごぼう天そばと山わさびご飯 -中標津の伊とう-
ごぼう天そばと山わさびご飯 -中標津の伊とう-
ごぼう天そばと山わさびご飯 -中標津の伊とう-
ごぼう天そばと山わさびご飯 -中標津の伊とう-



駐車場 5台有
営業時間 11:00~15:00、17:30~19:30 ※そばがなくなり次第閉店。
休日 火曜日
電話番号 0153-73-3047
ホームページ ホームページはこちら
マップコード 429 777 317*55



  1. good! hokkaido! より:

    You are right!
    I try to correct php script this weekend this weekend.

    And thanks for your comment.
    you are great!
    I wish you success.

  2. Makan Angin より:

    Hello Good! Hokkaido!
    Well, I find this is a bug (glitch). Actually, I commented on here:

    Not in this buckwheat noodles article.

    About me. Thanks for your compliment anyway..
    Nope, bro… I’m just an ordinary guy, but with highly motivated and passionate about travel photography and journalism. But in the future, I hope it can be my main income for living.

    What a great journey you have!

    “It’s not just about the destination, but the journey”

  3. good! hokkaido! より:

    Thanks for your comment!
    And I saw your photos. You are a famous photographer, aren’t you?
    It is great! Sugoi!!!

    Regarding the question, yes, I took the photos and movie.
    But some photos are stock photo.

  4. Makan Angin より:

    Unfortunately, you visited there at day. But, the Hyobaku Festival also has interesting atmosphere at noon.

    I’ve been there, too, but at night with the ice sculptures illuminated by colorful lights. Sugoi!!!
    You can see the photos here:

    I’m just curious, but I want to ask you..
    Did you travel and explore all around Hokkaido to get these all amazing photos and contents for your website?
    Or maybe did you use some photos and contents from other parties?

    “It’s not just about the destination, but the journey”


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