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Secret Onsen Can Be Enjoyed Real "From the North Country" -Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo-

October 3rd, 2016

Banjyaku Onsenso

Banjyaku Onsenso (盤石温泉荘) is a hot spring hut in Yakumo town located in the northwest of Hakodate city and next to Kaminoyu Onsen (上の湯温泉). It may be named after along a forest road "Bajuyakudake Line (盤石岳線)". This hot spring hut is open to the public through an owenr who runs Ykiniku Ryozanpaku (焼肉梁山泊) in Hakodate. Thanks the owner for taking a bath! So visitors must keep this hut clean.

Mark These Signs along Hokkaido Route 66
Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo
Forest Road "Bajuyakudake Line"
Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo

It is kind of hard to find the place, As I went the gravel road with width one-car size, I became anxious whether this road was right road. But a marking convex traffic mirror at a road curve caught my eyes, so I was relieved.

Mark This Convex Traffic Mirror at Road Curve
Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo
Parking Lot
Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo
Wooden Bridge across Feeder Rappu River
Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo

The solitary hut is built on a mountain and is just like a real hanmade hut that were used by TV drama series "From the North Country". I should not wonder if Mr. Goro, the leading role, appears at the hut. It is famous for enjoying fresh free flowing hot springs for free of charge or small token of appreciation. The fresh hot springs and a good old atmosphere attract many onsen fans. It is just a secret onsen and is very good. The visitors came almost every day when I read a providing note.

Solitary Hut Is Built on Mountain
Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo
Perhaps Hut May Be Damaged by Typhoon
Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo

A dressing room and a bathroom are provided at the hut that about 3 people can enter. It is not said this hut is very clean. But it is okay to feel the atomosphere of "From the North Country".

Dressing Room. Is Small Token of Appreciation Box Lost ?
Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo

There is a bathtub surrounded by rocks at the bathroom and it is the size that about 2 people can take a bath. I felt metallic odor. Fresh hot springs are alway flowing freely, so petrified hot spring ingredients are very nice, too. Water temperature of the hot springs was about 40 c and moderate water temperature to me. Its taste is salty and it has an effective to warm bather's body. By the way, I almost fell down at the slipeery bottom of the bathtub. Be careful!

Bathtub Surrounded by Rocks at Bathroom
Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo
Hot Springs Are Gushing Out
Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo
Look from Bathtub
Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo
Bathroom Is Well Ventilated
Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo
Petrified Hot Spring Ingredients Looks Very Nice
Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo
Size Is That About 2 People Can Bath
Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo
Outlet of Hot Springs
Banjyaku Onsen in Yakumo

There are not a restroom and a frre hair dryer at the dressing room, so you should get a wash beforehand at the restroom. Shampoos and body soaps are provided at the bathroom, but those are private shampoos and body soaps, so the visitors prohibit the use. In addition, the bathers have to take a bath after pouring the hot spring on their body with a water tub and rinse off their surface dirt and sweat. by the way, beware of bears, and beware of leaf beetles in a summer.

Atmosphere of Banjyaku Onsenso Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Banjyaku Onsenso

Types of Hot Springs -
Water temperature of Hot Spring Source -
ph -
Indications -
Contraindications -
Contraindications -
Indications of drinking -
Facilities Mixed bathing bath(1)
Entrance fee to the bath facility small token of appreciation or Free of charge
Business hours Open 24 hours
Regular closing day Irregular closing day
Parking lot A parking lot is provided (2 cars)
Telephone number -
Home page Home page is not provided
Mapcode 687 164 557*33

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