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Beautiful Fall Foliage and Garden that Gods Have Good Time -Sounkyo in Kamikawa-

October 1st, 2014

Sounkyo (層雲峡) in Kamikawa town located in the southeastern part of Asahikawa city is a hot-spring resort as a famous fall foliage place. The whole area of Sounkyo is clothed in autumn leaves, and in particular a scenery from Mt. Kurodake (黒岳) is beautiful. A ropeway and a lift are installed from the hot-spring resort of Sounkyo Onsen (層雲峡温泉) to Mt. Kurodake. It is extremely appealing that tourists can reach to the fifth station on the Mt. Kurodake without climbing a mountain on foot. The tourists can look over a very splendid scenery from a high place. The fall foliage is the best season to see in mid September. The tourists will enjoy the splendid scenery of Mts. Daisetuzan (大雪山) called "The garden that gods have a good time (神々が遊ぶ庭)". By the way, the Mt. Kurodake changes to a ski resort in a winter, and Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival (層雲峡氷瀑まつり) is held in the winter, too. Admission free, but you want to ride a ropeway, must pay a fare. In addition, you can climb a mountain free. A parking lot is free of charge.

View from Ropeway
Kamikawa, Sounkyo
View from Ropeway
Kamikawa, Sounkyo
View from Ropeway
Kamikawa, Sounkyo
Mt. Kurodake
Kamikawa, Sounkyo

The Kurodake ropeway moves from Yamafumoto Station (山麓駅) at 670 m above sea level to Kurodake Station (黒岳駅) at 1300 m above sea level for about 7 minutes. There is a ski lift at there, the tourists can reach the mountain at 1520 m above sea level without climbing the mountain on foot. The Kurodake Station has a stall, a restraunt and a restroom. A view from an observatory deck on the roof of the station is very good. The tourists can look at the neighborhood of the Mt. Kurodake from the ground near the Kurodake Station, but the observatory deck on the roof is most suitable if you want to see a superb view. Generally movie of TV is filmed from here, too.

Sounkyo with Fall Foliage
Kamikawa, Sounkyo
Steam Is Rising from Fumarole
Kamikawa, Sounkyo
View from Ropeway
Kamikawa, Sounkyo
Combination of Columnar Jointing and Autumn Leaves
Kamikawa, Sounkyo
Fall Foliage near Yamafumoto Station
Kamikawa, Sounkyo

Atmosphere of Sounkyo with Fall Foliage Can Be Watched on Youtube

Moive of Sounkyo with Fall Foliage

Admission fee One‐way ticket Adult: JPY 1100, Child: JPY 550.
Round‐trip ticket Adult: JPY 1950, Child: JPY 1000.
Parking lot Parking is provided (150 Cars)
Business hours 06:30-18:30 * It changes depending on seasons
Regular closing day Open all year round
Telephone number +81-1658-5-3031
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 623 204 571*47


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