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Beautiful Blue Sea and Strangely Rocks Are Worthy of Being Called Superb View -Shakotan Peninsula in Shakotan and Furubira-

May 16th, 2014

Neighborhood of Shakotan Peninsula

Shakotan Peninsula (積丹半島) is located in the northwestern part of Otaru city and was designated as Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Kaigan Quasi-National Park (ニセコ積丹小樽海岸国定公園) because a complicated coastline with steep cliffs was precious. Because the sea of Shakotan is very beautiful and the sea looks clear blue, everybody call "Shakotan Blue (シャコタンブルー)". A traffic was inconvenient in the old days, and Shakotan Peninsula was a place that tourists rarely visited. It became easy to access the Shakotan Peninsula like Shiretoko (知床) now, but it is called an unexplored region because it would not develop very much.

I Look at Shimamui Coast from Cape Kamui
Shakotan Peninsula
It Looks like Takeda Castle
Shakotan Peninsula
Dragon-shaped Rock
Shakotan Peninsula

Cape Shakotan (積丹岬), Cape Kamui (神威岬) and Cape Ogon (黄金岬) have strangely shaped rocks and the beautiful sea along a shoreline, those called 3 major capes are famous. As for the mountain side, a scenery of a road called "Fruits Road (フルーツ街道)" from Yoichi (余市) to Niki (仁木) is famous. Speaking of Shakotan Peninsula's local specialty, it is a sea urchin. The sea urchins are caught from June to August. I suppose that tourists might go to Cape Shakotan at this time. The tourists can dive unusually in Hokkaido. In addition, there is a sightseeing ship called New-Shakotan-Go (ニュー積丹号) that can look over under the sea in Furubira. The tourists can enjoy Shakotan blue for 40 minutes at one lap.

New Shakotan Ship

Shimamui Coast

Shimamui Coast (島武意海岸) is a superb coast chosen as "100 Best Beaches in Japan (日本の渚・百選)" in Cape Shakotan (積丹岬). Tourists can look over the Shimamui Coast from cliffs at about 100 m above sea level, and it is splendid. The tourists will take their breath away toward a scenery under their eyes after passing through a tunnel and approaching to an exit. There are 2 observatory places in a neighborhood of exit and the tourists can look over. Furthermore, it takes about 10 minutes from an observatory deck to the shore on foot. It is hard to go down stairways because the stairways are rough, but visitors can see the beautiful sea up close. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. Article is here

I Look over Shimamui Coast
Shakotan Peninsula Shimamui Coast

Atmosphere of Shimamui Coast Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Shimamui Coast

Cape Kamui

Cape Kamui (神威岬) is a cape with steep cliff in Shakotan Peninsula (積丹半島). A goddess named Charenka (チャレンカ) that was a jealous goddess lived at Cape Kamui in the Ainu period, it was said that the sea was stormy and fishermen died if she was jealous, it was a place that women were forbidden. There is Kamui-misaki Lighthouse (神威岬灯台) on the tip and tourists can look over Rosokuiwa rock (ロウソク岩 * Japanese candle-shaped rock) and the Sea of Japan (日本海) from there. A natural trail called Charenka Path (チャレンカの道) with about 800 m in length is built at 80 m above see level from an entrance to the tip, but this is a considerably thrilling trail. It is a terrible trail for people with acrophobia. It takes about 30 minutes from a parking lot to the tip on foot. A bus guide that happened to be there said June in the best season. Wild flowers begin to bloom in June. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. Article is here

Trip to Tip in Cape Kamui
Shakotan Peninsula Cape Kamui

Atmosphere of Cape Kamui Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Cape Kamui

Cape Ogon

Cape Ogon (黄金岬) is adjacent to Bikuni Port (美国港) and is famous as a place looking at the beautiful setting sun. It takes about 10 minutes from 3 starting points through Chasina Trail (チャシナの小道) with about 400 m in length to Ogon-Misaki Observatory (黄金岬展望台) on foot. The Bikuni port, Takara Island (宝島), Gome Island (ゴメ島), ranging capes of Shakotan Peninsula (積丹半島) can be looked over on a two-storied observatory at 30-40 above sea level. The blue sea looks very beautiful, and visitors can enjoy a scenery enough even in the daytime. Admission free. As for a parking lot, the visitors can park their cars on Shakotan Sightseeing Center (積丹観光協会) freely. Article is here

Ranging Capes
Shakotan Peninsula Cape Ogon

Atmosphere of Cape Ogon Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Cape Ogon

Annai Tenbo Park

Annai Tenbo Park (あんない展望公園) in Kamoenai (神恵内) is on the west side of Shakotan Peninsula and is relatively near Cape Kamui (積丹半島). Anai Elementary School (安内小学校) was closed in 1967, and Annai Tenbo Park was built. I guess an large parking lot is the site of the elementary school. There are some memorial monuments such as a white monument, Site of Anai Elementary School (安内小学校址), that is the motif of a family and an observatory deck on a small hill with about 10 m in height. Madoiwa Rocks (窓岩), Sai-no-Kawara Tunnel (西の河原トンネル), Cape Jyubo (ジュウボウ岬) and blue sea can be seen on the observatory deck. A table and benches are provided on the observatory deck, and visitors can take a rest. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge. Article is here

Sai-no-Kawara Tunnel and Blue Sea
Annai Tenbo Park in Kamoenai

Atmosphere of Annai Tenbo Park Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Annai Tenbo Park

Sea Urchin Rice Bowl

Misaki (みさき) is a restaurant in Shakotan and was founded in 1973. An owner is a fisherman and is famous for eating a seafood dish. It opens only during summer season (from late April to October). Because a fresh sea urchin can be eaten from mid June when the sea urchin fishing is released, visitors seem to increase. Because it started a bussiness at 09:00, 6 groups of visitors have already lined up when I arrived around 08:40. It is really popular. Article is here

Rice Is Covered with Purple Sea Urchin
Sea Urchin Rice Bowl -Misaki in Shakotan--

Sea Urchin Rice Bowl and Atmosphere of Restaurant Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Sea Urchin Rice Bowl

Shakotan Onsen

Misaki-no-Yu Shakotan (岬の湯しゃこたん) is a hot spring facility in Shakotan Peninsula and started a business in 2002. There is a building on a hill near Cape Kamui. It is known for having a good view from an open-air bath. The setting sun in particular seems to look beautiful. An entrance fee to the bath facility for adult is JPY 610. By the way, photography was prohibited at the bathhouse and the dressing room. Bad luck! Article is here

Appearance of Building
Shakotan Onsen

Sakazuki Onsen

Sakazuki Onsen (盃温泉) in Tomari village (泊) is in the west coast of Shakotan Peninsula located in the western part of Otaru city. Hot springs were begun to be used in 1905. Sakazuki Onsen is roughly divided into 2 area, Benten Island Area (弁天島エリア) and Sakazuki Fishing Port Area (盃漁港エリア). There are 6 accommodations in total, and tourists can take a day trip bath at Onsen Minshuku Rest-House Iwata (温泉民宿レストハウスいわた) and Sakazuki Moiwa Onsen Hotel (茂岩温泉ホテル) in Benten Island Area and at Chokoso (潮香荘) in Sakazuki Fishing Port Area. There are the Benten Island (弁天島), the Sakazuki Sea-Bathing Place (盃海水浴場), the Moiwakanko Toilet (もいわ観光トイレ) and the Sakazuki Camping Ground (盃野営場) around the Sakazuki Onsen. Article is here

Open-Air Bath of Chokaso
Sakazuki Onsen Chokaso in Tomari

Atmosphere of Chokaso Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Chokaso


Refer to following websites for the accommodations around Shakotan.

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Sakazuki Onsen Chokoso(盃温泉 潮香荘)
Ryokan Bikuni Kanko House(旅館 美国観光ハウス)
Oyado Kasai(お宿かさい)
Refore Shakotan Youth Hostel(リフォレ積丹 ユースホステル)
Shiosai-no-Yado Kaihinkan(汐さいの宿 海浜館)
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Kanko Ryokan Hokkai(観光旅館 北海)