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I Do Not Know Whether People Can Come Near Swamp -Poro Swamp in Sarufutsu-

July 14th, 2017

Poro Swamp (ポロ沼) is a brackish water lake in Sarufutsu. The perimeter of the swamp is about 5.7 km. Whistling Swan and Bean Goose rest their wing. Japanese Huchen and Candy Trout are fished at the confluence of the Poro Swamp and Sarufutsu River (猿払川), many anglers visit here. Japanese nutmegs grew thick around the swamp, and I could not come close to the swamp. I took photos from the Sarufutsu River. There is not facility.

Poro Swamp from Sarufutsu River
North Okhotsk Prefectural Natural Park, Poro Swamp, Sarufutsu
North Okhotsk Prefectural Natural Park, Poro Swamp, Sarufutsu

Atmosphere of Poro Swamp Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Poro Swamp

Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Free parking not is provided
Business hours Open 24 hours
Regular closing day Open year all round
Business hours +81-1635-2-3132
Home page Home page is here
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Refer to following websites for the accommodations around Hamatonbetsu and Sarufutsu.

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Kumamotoya Ryokan(熊本屋旅館) Only Tel:+81-1634-2-2061
Pension Sazare(ペンション小石) Only Tel:+81-1634-2-2226
Minshuku Yuhi(民宿 雄飛)      
Farm Inn Bunchan-no-Sato(ファームイン ぶんちゃんの里)      
Kuccharo Lakeside Camping Ground(クッチャロ湖畔キャンプ場)      
Hotel Sarufutsu(ホテルさるふつ)      
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Kasai Ryokan(笠井旅館)    
Rider House Yamase(ライダーハウス やませ)      
Sarufutsu Park Bungalow(猿払公園バンガロー)      

A page of North Okhotsk Prefectural Natural Park is here

North Okhotsk Prefectural Natural Park