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Girl That Was in Despair Changed into Rocks -Namidamisaki Obseravatory in Hamanaka-

April 5th, 2016

Namidamisaki Observatory (涙岬展望台) is on Akkeshi side of Hamanaka town located between Kushiro city and Nemuro city and is a little far from Kiritappu (霧多布). Visitors can look at Cape Namida (涙岬) and Tachiiwa Rock (立岩) on sheer cliffs. Namida (涙) means "Tears" and Tachi (立) means "Standing" in Japanese. The Cape Namida has a legend. A young man lived in Akkeshi and a young girl lived in Kiritappu fell in love each other in old days. His ship that moved from Akkeshi to Kiritappu ran aground, and he sank into the sea. She knew the fact and stood on cliffs, and seemed to cry every day. She became the rock unawares. The visitors can look at the rocks looked like the side face of a woman on the cliffs. Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge.

Guide Signboard
Namidamisaki Observatory in Hamanaka
Path to Cape Namida
Namidamisaki Observatory in Hamanaka
High Place!
Namidamisaki Observatory in Hamanaka
Cape Namida. It Looks Like Side of Woman Face
Namidamisaki Observatory in Hamanaka
Tachiiwa Rock
Namidamisaki Observatory in Hamanaka
Parking Lot
Namidamisaki Observatory in Hamanaka
Parking Lot
Namidamisaki Observatory in Hamanaka

Atmosphere of Namidamisaki Observatory Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Namidamisaki Observatory

Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Free parking is provided (20 cars)
Business hour Open 24 hours
Regular closing day Open all year round
Telephone number +81-153-62-2111
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 614 271 432*45

List of Accommodations

Refer to following websites for the accommodations around Kiritappu.

Ryokan Kurimoto(旅館 くりもと)    
Minshuku Misaki(民宿 岬) Only Tel:+81-153-62-2367
Kawamura Ryokan(川村旅館) Only Tel:+81-153-62-2326
Minshuku Bankamu(民宿 伴架夢) Only Tel:+81-153-62-2159
Shoku-no-Yado Kiritappuri(食の宿 霧多布里)      
Minshuku Watanabe(民宿 わたなべ)    
Minshuku Yorimichi(民宿 より道) Only Tel:+81-153-62-3359
Minshuku Tama-no-Kawa(民宿 玉の川) Only Tel:+81-153-65-2224
Pension Porch(ペンション ポーチ)      
Shukubo Cabanon(宿房 樺のん)    

A page of Kiritappu is here