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Lake is Said That Color of Water is Most Beatiful in Hokkaido -Lake Onneto in Ashoro-

August 26th, 2014

Neighborhood of Lake Onneto

Lake Onneto (オンネトー) is a dammed lake born by an eruption of Mt. Meakan (雌阿寒岳) in Ashoro town located in the southwestern of Lake Akan (阿寒湖). The perimeter of the lake is about 4 km. The Lake Onneto is one of the three major secret lakes with Lake Ocotanpe (オコタンペ湖), Lake Shinonome (東雲湖) in Hokkaido. Because colors of water look azure blue and emerald green depending on seasons, places, directions of wind and weather, it is called "Goshikinuma (五色沼 * Marshes with 5 Colors)" and is said that the colors of the water is the most beautiful in Hokkaido. It seems to look beautiful if weather in particular is bad. The water turning into 5 colors is acid with ph 6, and fishes can not inhabit, but Uchida Crawfish (内田ザリガニ) and Yezo Salamander (エゾサンショウウオ) inhabit. Creatures seem to be able to adapt to harsh environment. Wooden paths are built around the Lake Onneto and tourists can make a round trip for about 60 minutes. There is the lake on the foot of Mt. Meakandake and are Onneto Observation Deck (オンネトー展望デッキ), Onneto Hot Falls (オンネトー湯の滝), Onneto Campsite (オンネトー野営場), Onneto Observatory (オンネトー展望台) and Meakan Onsen (雌阿寒温泉) near the Lake Onneto.

Atmosphere of Lake Onneto Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Lake Onneto

Onneto Observation Deck

Onneto Observation Deck (オンネトー展望デッキ) is on the west side of Lake Onneto (オンネトー) and is a tourist spot that most people visit in the neighborhood of the Lake Onneto. A wooden observation deck is buil on the lakeshore. The lake with 5 colors spreads in front of eyes, and the visitors can look at Mt. Meakandake (雌阿寒岳) and Mt. Akanfuji (阿寒富士). A parking lot is free. There is a restroom near the parking lot. Article is here

Lake Onneto
Lake Onneto Ashoro

Onneto Hot Falls

Onneto Hot Falls (オンネトー湯の滝) is a basin of hot spring falls located in the south part of Lake Onneto (オンネトー). Hot springs fall from a steep cliff with about 20 m in height. Tourists could take a bath there in old days, but because the precious natural manganese was discovered and designated as a special natural monument in 2000, the bathing was prohibited. The only manganese oxidizing creation phenomenon seems to be seen in the world. By the way, guppies grew proliferously because of the hot springs, so an issue became a problem. Now the guppies are removing at a pond. It takes 20 minutes from a parking lot to here on foot. The parking lot is free of charge. There is a restroom near the parking lot. Article is here

Onneto Hot Falls
Onneto Hot Falls Ashoro

Atmosphere of Onneto Hot Falls Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Onneto Hot Falls

Onneto Observatory

Onneto Observatory (オンネトー展望台) is a viewing place that visitors climb a mountain for about 800 m from the north trailhead (北登山口) near a restroom of Lake Onneto Observation Deck (オンネトー展望デッキ). It takes 30 minutes on foot and has a steep grade and a rough path. There are a monitoring hut for volcanoes and a resting place on the observatory. A view of Mt. Meakan (雌阿寒岳) is splendid, but I regret that Lake Onneto looks small more than I expected. Admission free. Article is here

Onneto Observatory
Lake Onneto

Onneto Campsite

Onneto Campsite is located on the east side of the Lake Onneto. Land within 1262 ha around Lake Onneto was designed as a natural recreation forest by the government, and the campsite surrounded by Japanese red pine and Abies sachalinensis was built, too. It has a atmosphere like the campsite in the forest. There are a restroom and a field kitchen. The visitors should buy the foods and the drinks beforehand, because there is not store near the Onneto Campsite.

Parking Lot and Administration Building
Onneto Camping Ground Ashoro
Field Kitchen
Onneto Camping Ground Ashoro
Onneto Camping Ground Ashoro
Shore of Lake Onneto
Onneto Camping Ground Ashoro

Atmosphere of Onneto Campsite Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Onneto Campsite

Using Fee Adult: JPY 350. Child: JPY 200.
Parking lot Free parking is provided (30 Cars)
Business hours Open 24 hours
Regular closing day From November to May
Telephone number +81-156-29-7711
Home page Home page is not provided
Mapcode 783 761 358*76

Meakan Onsen

Meakan Onsen is a hot-spring place in Ashoro town located in the northwestern part of Kushiro city. Only 3 buildings, Nonaka Onsen, Nonaka Onsen Annex and Kiefuku, stand around an entrance of Lake Onneto. Because there is a trailhead to Mt. Meakandake, a lot of mountain climbers come. Lake Onneto, mountain climbing to Mt. Meakandake and rare type of hot springs are popular highlights Article is here

Movie of Onneto Onsen


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