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Root of Kitami -Kitami Peppermint Memorial Hall-

June 12th, 2017

Kitami Peppermint Memorial Hall

Cultivation of the peppermint was prosperous in old days so as to have produced 70% peppermint of the world in the Kitami area. Kitami Peppermint Memorial Hall (北見ハッカ記念館) is built to have memorialized the noted products. There are 2 buildings, the Peppermint Memorial Hall and Peppermint Distillation Hall (ハッカ蒸溜館). Admission free. A parking lot is free of charge.

Atmosphere of Kitami Peppermint Memorial Hall Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Kitami Peppermint Memorial Hall

Peppermint Memorial Hall

At Peppermint Memorial Hall, visitors can understand about knowledges and history of the peppermint. There are a reading room, a laboratory, a royal suite and a plant manager room. Documents and really used appliances are displayed. The visitors can obtain an information from movies. In addition, a building was designed as the modernization cultural heritage. Person in charge told me that I should look at the building.

Appearance of Building
Kitami, Peppermint Memorial Hall
Royal Suite
Kitami, Peppermint Memorial Hall
Laboratory. Test Tubes Form Line
Kitami, Peppermint Memorial Hall
>Laboratory. Learn About Production Process
Kitami, Peppermint Memorial Hall
Points Which You Should Look. Crossed Floor
Kitami, Peppermint Memorial Hall
Points That You Should Look. Star Decoration
Kitami, Peppermint Memorial Hall
Points That You Should Look. Designed Doorknob
Kitami, Peppermint Memorial Hall

Peppermint Distillation Hall

At Peppermint Distillation Hall, a peppermint distillation device is displayed, and how to make peppermint is demonstrated. Each farmhouse liquefied the peppermint from cultivation in old days. Visitors can understand the wisdom and laborer.

Appearance of Building
Kitami, Peppermint Distillation Hall
Old Distillation Facilities
Kitami, Peppermint Distillation Hall
Legendary Device Which Enhanced Production Efficiency
Kitami, Peppermint Distillation Hall
Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Parking is provided (20 Cars)
Business hours 05/01-10/31 09:00-17:00
11/01-04/30 09:30-16:30
Regular closing day Monday, National holiday
Telephone number +81-157-23-6200
Home page Home page is here


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