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4 Types of Hot Springs Can Be Enjoyed in Mixed Bathing Baths -Horoka Onsen Kanoya Onsen Ryokan in Kamishihoro-

October 3rd, 2014

Kanoya Onsen Ryokan

Kanoya Onsen Ryokan (鹿の谷温泉旅館) is a long-established hot-spring ryokan in Kamishihoro town located in the northern part of Obihiro city and was founded in 1946. Both appearance of a building and interior decoration have an atmosphere such as Showa period. It is famous for having 4 types of fresh free flowing hot springs. Because there are many deers that welcome us in this area, it is said to be named a valley of deers. * Kanoya means the valley of the deer in Japanese language. It is unknown whether it is true.

Dressing Room
Kamishihoro Horoka Onsen Kanoya Onsen Ryokan

As for those hot spring baths, except 1 indoor bath for women, there are mixed bathing baths. Dressing rooms are only gender-segregated. Because there is not a restroom at the dressing room, You should get a wash beforehand at the restroom along a corridor. Because shampoos and body soaps are not provided at the bathhouse, bathers must bring those. There are 3 indoor baths at the bathhouse. The bathtubs are divided into 3 hot springs, sodium chloride spring, iron spring and calcium sulfate spring. Unfortunately, the bath with iron spring was cleaned on that day, I could not taste the iron spring. Hot spring ingredients seems to be rich, and it precipitated on the bathtubs and a floor. The sodium chloride springs are clear and colorless and have a little sour taste and no smell. The calcium sulfate springs are clear and colorless and have a little salty taste and no smell. There is no shower at the bathhouse. The bathers pour the hot springs on themselves with a bath ladle and wash their body. In addition, there was a hot spring facility such as a waterfall shower, too, but it was too hot and I was not able to take a bath...

Indoor Baths at Bathhouse
Kamishihoro Horoka Onsen Kanoya Onsen Ryokan
Sodium Chloride Spring, Iron Spring, Calcium Sulfate Spring, Waterfall Shower from This Side
Kamishihoro Horoka Onsen Kanoya Onsen Ryokan
Hot Spring Ingredients Precipitated on Bathtub
Kamishihoro Horoka Onsen Kanoya Onsen Ryokan

There is 1 mixed bathing open-air bath. The hot springs are simple sulfur spring, and are clear and light yellow green and have a little salty taste and a little sulfur smell. There is the open-air bath surrounded by mountains and trees, and it has a sense of openness very much. At the time of autumn leaves, it is just tasteful for a view. I took a bath with a rider from Hiratsuka, couple from Shizuoka and a local person. The talk about hokkaido became animated. In particular, I talked with the rider and we were affected by taking a hot bath for too long. He is a fan of this hot spring. He seems to come well from Kanagawa. By the way, a staying without meals is possible, too.

Open-air Bath
Kamishihoro Horoka Onsen Kanoya Onsen Ryokan
Rider from Hiratsuka, Thank You!
Kamishihoro Horoka Onsen Kanoya Onsen Ryokan
Autumn Leaves from Open-air Bath
Kamishihoro Horoka Onsen Kanoya Onsen Ryokan
Hot Springs Are Light Yellow Green
Kamishihoro Horoka Onsen Kanoya Onsen Ryokan

Atmosphere of Kanoya Onsen Ryokan Can Be Watched on Youtube

Movie of Kanoya Onsen Ryokan

Types of Hot Springs (1)Sodium chloride spring
(2)Iron springs
(3)Calcium sulfate spring
(4)Simple sulfur spring
Water temperature of Hot Spring Source 70 C
ph -
Indications Stomachic disorder, Pressure sores, Cut, Bruise, Burn, Chronic skin diseases, Neuralgia, Effects of self-care, Chronic bronchitis
Contraindications High blood pressure
Indications of drinking Unknown
Contraindications of drinking Chronic nephritis
Facilities Mixed bathing open-air bath(1), Mixed bathing indoor bath(4), Indoor bath for woman(1).
Entrance fee to the bath facility Adult: JPY 500. Child: JPY 250.
Business hours 09:00-20:00
Regular closing day Irregular regular closing day
Parking lot A free parking is provided (4 cars)
Telephone number +81-1564-4-2163
Home page Home page is not provided
Mapcode 679 750 886*21

List of Accommodations

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Kanoya Onsen Ryokan(鹿の谷温泉旅館) Only Tel:+81-1564-4-2163

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