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Rich Nature in Shikotsu Toya National Park -Hoheikyo Dam and Lake Jozan in Sapporo-

May 13th, 2014

Hoheikyo (豊平峡) is located in the southwestern part of Sapporo city and is farther than Jozankei Onsen (定山渓温泉) from downtown. Though there is Lake Jozan in Sapporo city, it is located in Shikotsu Toya National Park (支笏洞爺国立公園) and nature is very rich. There are Hoheikyo Onsen (豊平峡温泉), Nature Village and an auto camping ground near the Lake Jozan (定山湖). Furthermore, Onsen Shokudo's Indian curry (Onsen食堂のインドカレー) in Hoheikyo Onsen is popular.

Lake Jozan
Hoheikyo Dam and Lake Jozan

The Hoheikyo Dam (豊平峡ダム) was built in 1972. It is one of rare dams that only 2 dams were built in the method of construction called Arch-type Concrete Dam in Hokkaido. Speaking of rare things, there is one more thing. Like Kurobe Dam in Toyama, electric buses are operated by consideration to environment. Therefore general cars can not reach to the dam. In order to go to the dam, tourists must change electric buses at a parking lot, or the tourists must go to the dam on foot. In the case of walking, vititors walk thorugh Hiyamizu Tunnel (冷水トンネル) and Hoheikyo Tunnel (豊平峡トンネル), it takes about 20 minutes to reach to the dam. The visitors can look at Kudan Falls (九段の滝) and Senjoiwa Rocks (千丈岩) between the tunnel and the tunnel.

Kudan Falls
Hoheikyo Dam and Lake Jozan
Senjoiwa Rocks
Hoheikyo Dam and Lake Jozan
Platform of Electric Car
Hoheikyo Dam and Lake Jozan

There is Dam Museum (ダムミュージアム) in the site, and the tourists can visit here on the weekdays, and there is a resting station on a hill, too. The tourists can look over the whole dam at an observatory if the tourists climb walking paths. But beware of bears because bears may appear frequently. In addition, the dam did not have water at all and I visited here in the the worst timing. A staff told me that the best viewed season was in June. But I heard that fall foloage was the best season to look around in an autumn. Which is correct ? By the way, dam cards are distributed in Hoheikyo Dam Management Branch (豊平峡ダム管理支所) and Hoheikyo Dam Reference Library (豊平峡ダム資料室).

Hoheikyo Dam Museum
Hoheikyo Dam and Lake Jozan
Rest House and Hoheikyo Tunnel
Hoheikyo Dam and Lake Jozan

Atmosphere of Hoheikyo Dam Can Be Watched on Youtube

Moive of Hoheikyo Dam

Admission fee Free of charge
Parking lot Free parking is provided (250 cars)
Business hour 09:00-16:30
Regular closing day Hoheikyo dam reference library: Saturday, Sunday, and National holiday, Hoheikyo dam management branch: Weekdays
Electric bus fare Round‐trip ticket, Adult: JPY 620, Elementary school student: JPY 300.
One‐way ticket, Adult: JPY 310, Elementary school student: JPY 150.
Electric bus season From May to late November
Electric bus operational hour 08:45-16:00
Telephone number +81-11-598-3452
Home page Home page is here
Mapcode 708 573 418*08


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